1. T

    1960 Vintage Briggs & Stratton Bonham Tote Gote Collegiate Mini Bike

    1960 Vintage Briggs & Stratton Bonham Tote Gote Collegiate Mini Bike On Ebay

    Vintage Taco 44

    Pretty excited to start this one. Will do my best to make it a twin to my build off bike last year so I will be basically doing all the same steps. Seat from manchester1, burnished wheels from cambo61, original purple paint, and a nice rebuilt 80202 3hp Briggs.
  3. what are those?

    what are those?

    I want to get or have a billet rod made for this billet fly wheel and hidden still stock looking
  4. what are those?

    what are those?

    I want to get or have a billet rod made for this billet fly wheel and hidden still stock looking
  5. T

    throttle cable 1969 taco 3 hp briggs & stratton

    hello all, i need a throttle cable , 1969 taco 44 orig throttle cable is no good , it has a small round ball on the end were it goes into throttle were can i get one that will fit ?? thanks bobby
  6. JayPadilla

    Briggs Animal ID/Help??

    I picked up what I believe is a 2008 or so Briggs Animal FOR A STEAL. It seems to be in good shape. Can anyone confirm it for me the numbers on the Valve cover are: 124432 8001 01 010730FD Also, are parts interswappable with newer animals/WF? How safe is the Flywheel and rod on this engine...
  7. S

    Briggs Animal Whats the Highest Hp rating on them???

    Looking to build a Briggs animal and wondering what are the power rating on them, Planning to build from the ground up:scooter:
  8. Oldschoolcool

    5hp Briggs with TC, any fit issues?

    Are there any issues with mounting a torque convertor and interference with the rear mounted Briggs gas tank? Thanks!
  9. yestertek

    Wanted: Briggs & Stratton Part #691776

    I'm looking for the shouldered bolt/screw that the bell crank pivots on on the Pulsa Jet carburetor on the 1969 B&S 5HP Engine on my 1969 Taco Trail 100. Original B&S part number 691776. Thanks for any assistance.
  10. E

    what kind of briggs do i have? /starter question

    i bought this briggs and stratton 3hp at a swap meet. i don't know much about about these engines and haven't seen this (older style?) type of starter before. i also am having trouble dating this engine. the numbers on engine are 80231 0168 05 7003233 can anyone tell me more about what i have...
  11. Biffmini

    briggs part # help

    I picked up a 5hp briggs today. Ive tried four places including OMB Warehouse, to find parts diagrams & parts list. using my model # 130202 087701 78080806 I cant find any lists for parts using my engine # I must be doing something wrong, its a popular model... Can someone help Please! thanks
  12. M

    Briggs 5hp tillotson

    I just got my first bike. It's a bonanza with a flathead and a tillotson carb I'm trying to figure out how to install my throttle linkage. I bought the ec lk-122 linkage I can't seem to get full throttle though. Also I'm using a single outlet mikuni fuel pump and when it's running I'm...
  13. MTchevy1

    WTB Briggs 8hp flat head parts

    Looking for a fuel tank, air cleaner assembly, and muffler for a long block I picked up. Let me know what you've got- thanks!
  14. CarPlayLB

    Briggs 3/4"NPT muffler NOS 5HP

    I have a new, old stock, B&S muffler, This fits the 5HP engines, or any engine that is 3/4"NPT. This is the good old heavy one and I am including the heavy "real deal" lock nut, not like the cheezy conduit nuts they use today. These vintage pieces can be yours for $22.00, priority shipped to the...
  15. Pasta

    5HP Briggs pops through carb

    Hi guys & gals. I've been away for a while but got back into my mini bike again recently. I have a little trouble hopefully someone can help me with. When I pull a hill, or throttle hard from idle, the engine pops through the carb. If I let off the throttle and ease into it, it will run...
  16. B

    briggs and stratton model N

    recently picked this up. I really wanted to see if anyone has any reliable links on researching what it is, how it works.. i mean, its a motor so its the same platform (gas-air/spark/exhaust) but i wanted to know how the carb mixes air. how the exhaust is mounted into the head. how the...
  17. W

    Briggs with a 3/4 by 3 inch crankshaft

    Hi all, Did Briggs make a 3.5 or 4 hp engine with a 3/4 by three inch crankshaft for use on a Rupp minibike? Thanks, Bill T.
  18. T

    1969 briggs & stratton parts needed

    hello all, i am trying to rebuild a 1969 taco it has a briggs & stratton 3 hp i am looking for the carb part number 393977 and the 3 quart tank any help would be great !! i check ebay & craigslist everyday

    Briggs 3.5 on db30

    Anyone done a Briggs flathead on a DB30 that has some advice about mounting and chain alignment?
  20. drenchedgremlin

    Is this briggs worth rebuilding in your opinion?

    Hey, Im new to small engines & i really want to learn to fix them up & get them running. I have this briggs that i got as an extra in a deal. it is Model 80202 type 1101-01 code 82071903. I was going to semi-rebuild it or at least try to get it running. I am starting to think it is not worth it...