budget micro kart build

Hi guys thought id share where my micro build is at so far!

The plan was to make the smallest go kart possible whilst keeping it simple and using cheap second hand parts.. Using a lifan 110 at the moment but really need something electri start!

The frame is similar to a bierkiste (beercrate) cart minus the crate and wanted foot pedals up front rather than foot pegs at the side to keep it more go kart like although theres such little room on this thing it is a struggle with the pedals..

cost so far is at $150 for a wheel set, hubs, axle, bearing carriers, stub axles and other bits and bobs, already had a load of old spare pit bike parts to throw at it.. steering wheel and seat just for mock up at the moment, well its all a mock up to be fair and once i know which parts work and which don't I will modify/replace and improve over time..

Was started originally as I wanted something to practice tig welding on so I'm no expert at it but is a great learning experience..

Things to do..
source a 140mm disc brake
weld exhaust pipe up
mount fuel tank and pump
paint it
ride it and try not to crash it!

Thanks for looking!


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Got the engine running at last, It hadnt ran since 2009! had some fuel pump problems at first (diaphragm cracking) but bought a genuine one which sorted it and working a treat now, still got lots of small things to do..

So far i've been mocking up parts which "just do the job" and once I know what works where I will improve said parts..

Exhaust welded up, It does stick out 5-10mm below the frame but should be ok.

Drive train all works good and a 110cc in this short wheel base definitely wants to wheelie! I really don't like the look of wheelie bars though :hammer: Should be getting a cdi with rev limiter soon, launch control? :laugh:

Still need a brake disc but can't source any so may have to use a large taper lock sprocket as a disc instead.


Very impressive fit, and finish on the fabrication. From the video, it looks like a very fun and responsive kart! I was impressed with the stability. :thumbsup: