The Purple HORNET

    Picked this bike a week ago, and just started breaking it down. Its a K&S Hornet with a Rupp front fork. Plans are bringing it back to life with new parts and paint.
  2. IMG_06641


    2018 Arco build frame jig
  3. IMG_06633


    2018 Arco build rear axle tabs
  4. IMG_06621


    2018 Arco build rear axle tabs
  5. IMG_05981


    2018 Arco build deleted scrub brake and rear fender support
  6. IMG_05941


    2018 Arco build seat tab
  7. IMG_05931


    4hp trial fit
  8. IMG_05931


    4hp trial fit
  9. IMG_05911


    4hp trial fit
  10. IMG_05881


    4hp trial fit
  11. Daniel Coop

    New Motovox MBX10 build...

    I hadn't​ been trolling Craigslist for bikes for a while, simply because I have had my hands full, but for one reason or another, I looked and found this Motovox MBX10 for sale for $100. Was a new post, and too cheap to pass on, so I jumped on it. I wasted no time in tearing it apart... The...
  12. gran_pann

    Baja Warrior Build - Drag Race Build

    Good morning gentleman. I've got the tools and a little extra $$ right now to build up my baja warrior (the black one). Now I have three of these things, that I have built up for trail riding, and I Am wanting to build this to drag race a bit. And I have a deadline to meet October 8th. I...
  13. Li'l Popeye

    Dutch minibike build.

    Hello, My name is John, born in 1976 and living in Netherlands. Small country in Europe where "your minibikes" are very rare. Ok, we do spot a small Honda once in a while. And those Chinese pocketbikes you get when you do grocery shopping;-) I have a Chinese pocketbike, too. And when it broke...
  14. A

    Flathead build help

    Hi i was looking for some good builds for flathead 5hp engines. Im wanting to get between 10-15 hp out of the engine for my kart, thanks
  15. KMC3420

    Hemi with a non hemi head build

    I tried selling this motor a while back and no luck, so I am just going to build this and document the progress in this thread. This motor is a hemi bottom end with a non hemi clone 18CC head: ARC +.040 rod Hemi flat top piston milled .005 pop up is +.015(above deck) Will be using a .045...
  16. 1

    Wanting to start 212 Hemi harbor freight build Need some guidance

    Hello! First post to this forum, Im a kid who knows his way around an old car (for the most part :) ), engines as well, so Im not really asking how to build one (although pointers for building a small engine would be helpful, as Ive only built V8s). Anyway I would get a Hemi as they usually flow...
  17. noseoil

    Hemi build started

    I'm building a motor for a new bike (I don't have it yet, more to come on that one later). Decided to build with the 212 predator (60363) I got with a coupon for $99.00 at HF. It's nothing too wild, but here's the plan so far. Black Mamba cam 0.275" lift, 26# springs Bullfrog's pop-up...
  18. R

    Bolt for steering stem

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a M10x1.5x200mm bolt. I currently have a 170mm bolt on my steering stem. And long story short, I need a 200mm one. (current bolt is about 6 7/8 long, I can make 7 3/4 work) I was wondering if anyone knew where to get one, or even better; if...
  19. E

    what type/brand/model frame did I build on?

    hello everyone, this is my first post. when i was in middle school i got interested in mini bikes and when I was about 15 i bought a mini bike frame off ebay for cheap, I'm 21 now. I'm pretty sure they guy selling it stated it was a Nova frame but that was it... he didn't mention a specific...
  20. B

    My first mini bike build. I call it the General Mini

    It all started with a Grrage sale find for 60 bucks. It turned into this beauty. It is a little ridiculous power wise but my oldest son and I love it.