1. LIL-500 Go Kart

    LIL-500 Go Kart

    1960 and my "LIL-50" Go Kart. As I recall it was made in Cedar Rapids IA. That little Clinton was load and fun.
  2. Go Kart cycle seat

    Go Kart cycle seat

    Go Kart cycle seat
  3. Go Kart cycle seat

    Go Kart cycle seat

    Go Kart cycle seat
  4. Y

    Turbonique Rocket Kart

    check this out ,,,,,
  5. W

    Does this kart look familiar to anyone?

    Hello. I picked up a go kart with a couple engines and was wondering if anyone knows what brand, etc it may be? Thanks in advance!
  6. ratfink396

    "The Big One" Vintage Kart Meet

    Just wanted to remind every about a really great vintage kart meet over Labor Day weekend in Fremont Ohio; I started going a few years ago and now its a must do every year! This is the largest gathering of vintage karts in the world and one of only a very small handful of American karting events...

    Burris Go Kart wheels wanted/needed

    Looking for a couple of Burris wheels for a buddies drift trike. I have Burris cast aluminum wheels on my Drift Trike and they work well. He has True Roll spun aluminum wheels on his Drift Trike and they flex to the point that the sleeves wear off on the inside and are still almost full...
  8. slywilliez

    Wanted: Go kart cycle

    I am looking for a GO Kart cycle. I would be interested in a roller or a complete one. I have Cash and kool stuff to trade as well.
  9. jeep2003

    Gas Powered Crazy Kart !!

    I always kinda liked the way these Crazy Karts work they look like fun. A few days ago I watched a Hoonigan video of them racing so I guess they are cool and I should build one. Gas Powered predator 79cc should work fine. I built the frame out of some old shelving 29" x 40" The real ones crazy...
  10. ReapersRide

    1973 Montgomery Wards Silver Streak Go Kart

    Does anyone have photos, brochures or Intel on a 1973 Montgomery Wards Silver Streak Go Kart. My daughter is thinking of doing a deal on one Thank you for any information. Reaper
  11. OND

    Vintage Kart Build ( Clone )

    I've decided to try my hand at building a vintage looking kart from scratch. Here's what I've come up with so far, don't look like much yet though.
  12. xr7gt

    Simplex Go Kart

    I picked up this little guy last night from the original owner. Not sure what the connection was with Sears / Craftsman Any information would be appreciated.
  13. R

    Rare race sports Inc formula micro kart

    Rare formula micro go kart runs excellent body is rough looking for $350 OBO. Email if interested r6rider2002@yahoo.com
  14. FOMOGO

    Go Kart angled motor mounts

    I am looking at motor mounts and see on BMI that there are several different angles from 0 to 15 degrees. What is the purpose of the different angles? What does angling the motor accomplish? There has to be a technical reason for this. I would like to understand the theory behind it. Thanks...
  15. G

    Unknown kart. Help

    Picked this up yesterday If anyone can identify or add info about this it would be appreciated It's heavy. The front tires are air filled the tears are solid hard rubber. The brakes push against the back Of the wheel. Steering wheel seems like solid stainless ? Don't know
  16. nds1968

    1932 Ford bodied go kart

    Not mine https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/snw/6132231330.html
  17. G

    Need help identifying this Go kart

    i picked up this go kart and have no idea what it is .
  18. Zooming993

    Need a Rear Sprocket for a Simplex Mark II Kart

    I'm Looking for either a 60 or 72 tooth sprocket for a Simplex Mark II Go Kart. It would be great if the sprocket is in usable condition but I will also consider a sprocket with worn teeth, I can use the hub. Thanks
  19. Rustygold

    Cool Kart,What is it ?

    Anybody have any idea what brand and close to what year this kart was built ?Notice the front axle is on a center pin and pivots like a tractor front axle.It has a live rear axle.
  20. yankee-bears

    Star Kart by Star Land

    Star Kart by Star Land is on the decal on the back of the seat . Google says Star Land is an amusement park in Hanover Ma. with a GoKart track . It seems to be all original . Has a Clinton 4hp 4 cycle . Wonder if this was one of there GoKarts at the Park ? Anyone have any information ?