Built on Modified 1960's Powell 3630-D Frame, Ugly but Functional

I am selling my favorite project mini-bike. My girlfriend and I are getting a place together and, well, you know how that goes.

The bike has been an awesome project for me over the past year (check out the entire project log here! http://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/project-logs/101803-gonna-ugly-powell-model-build.html ) Huge thanks to everyone who helped me on OldMiniBikes :)

The frame is a modified vintage 1960's Powell 3630-D frame, modified to account for the newer and larger Champion 6.5HP engine. Almost everything else on the bike was bought new within the past year. The engine was fitted with a cast aluminum Comet-clone TAV2 torque converter driving power to the rear 58-tooth sprocket. The bike even has the luxury of old school front and rear suspension.

The engine was fixed to the frame with a combination of mounting plates/risers. The gas tank is a cool spun aluminum tank from a neat manufacturer online that I can't remember the name of. The tires are nice, newer Carlisles too.

Now, as for what is not 100% complete with the bike:

1. Small things - the handlebar grips are a little wonky, I never permanently secured them to the bars. Pretty simple fix.

2. The alignment with the back wheel is a little bit off due to a prior owner cutting and re-welding the swing arm, which tweaked the swing arm a smidge. This means that occasionally the chain pops off the rear sprocket when being given gas, usually only happens on very bumpy terrain or certain sharp U-turns. It's super easy to pop back on, but it's not good for the sprocket long-term. I installed a few springs to help alignment, but it should be made more permanent.

Overall, over $800 has been spent over the past year working on it ($250 alone on the frame, did I get ripped off? :shrug: ), The bike has almost entirely been ridden on streets and sidewalks, with one desert trip that was awesome. The thing is just awesome in general, and made for a really awesome project bike/fun little ride, I'm bummed to have to let her go. I'd love to recover some of the money I've spent on her, so I'm asking $400. That also comes with a box of spare parts, both new and old, including a spare tire and a lot of other little things (like the original front V/sprocket off the frame.)

Feel free to PM or email me for more info! I'm in the Ventura County area of Southern California. -Nick


Will do David. Funny story about the bailing wire, it was meant to be temporary in order to hold the engine in place so I could weld a mount onto it. However, the idea of further modifying the original frame made me hesitant, so I was looking for a way to hold it securely without a weld - I never got the chance to, so now we're here. The wire is beefy enough to where it didn't stop me from riding it everywhere :scooter:


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Slippery slope my friend selling your items for a woman....!

Neat little bike, if I wasn't 2500 miles away I'd be interested, good luck with your sale.
Thanks Toomanytoys! Normally I'd totally agree - but in return I got her to get rid of all of these awful little smelly plug-in things she has in her house, so I feel somewhat vindicated.
Thanks Toomanytoys! Normally I'd totally agree - but in return I got her to get rid of all of these awful little smelly plug-in things she has in her house, so I feel somewhat vindicated.
Good price on your bike. The smelly things will return in a matter of months, trust me.
Hey guys, I really appreciate the interest both here and over PM's, the bike did sell this morning. Nice guy drove 2.5 hours and paid me a bit more than asking. Thanks! And thanks for letting be a part of the community, I'm looking forward to coming back with another project before too long, as soon as I can convince the woman. :scooter:
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