1. CarPlayLB

    WTB: Manco Streaker roller or complete

    Anyone have a Manco Streaker. Would prefer a roller, but will entertain what ya got? Send me a PM if you have anything
  2. bremerman

    WTB Doodle bug Countershaft/pulley/adjusting bracket assy complete or individual part

    thank you, Bremerman. :wink:
  3. jspec

    Complete tote goat? Roller with extras *Local only*

    I believe its a tote goat. It's huge and awesome. No rust. Awesome shape for its age. Good roller. Seattle Tacoma WA area and surrounding cities only. Extras include: Drum brake Belt and chain sprocket Chain torque converter Chains and belt Newer seats Looking for 125
  4. Doodads

    Complete 2 speed with Adj. Jackshaft plates

    Bought 2 speed jackshaft and clutch separately, both as NOS here on OldMiniBikes. Adjustable jackshaft kit bearings and collars all new from OldMiniBikes WHS. Asking $250 for all including USPS. Prefer PayPal as a gift. Packed and ready to go. Ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer. Please PM only, per...
  5. Sunset5523

    Wanted mini bike rear complete split rim 5"

    Like this but with tire and tube doesn't need to have sprocket. Thanks.:scooter:
  6. Outlaw Ace

    Nearly complete MTD Flying "O" ugly duckling.

    I'd like to sell it whole, is complete except for the clutch cover center stand which are missing as are the brackets as well as the muffler but the S pipe remains everything else seems to be there. Has original gold painted minibike specific slanted intake/exhaust Tecumseh H35 missing the cable...
  7. B

    WTB: 3 Ealry 70s Tecumseh H35 engines complete/ running. Need 3

    WTB: 3 Ealry 70s Tecumseh H35 engines complete/ running. Need 3. Looking for real mini bike engines only. Must be 1969, 1970 or 1971. Prefer intact and running motors. We will cover shipping the units. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Please PM me or
  8. T

    1970 Hamilton Brothers mini bike, ninety percent complete, all original

    Hello everyone, I am new to OldMiniBikes. I have a Hamilton Brothers mini bike that I bought when I was twelve or thirteen years old, that needs some loving. It is all original, except the paint, and most of it is there. Hamilton Brothers was known for their go-karts in Atlanta during the sixties and...
  9. K

    Baja warrior jackshaft, like new, complete with gears & cover.

    I have a factory jackshaft for the baja warrior. The jackshaft is complete with the idler pulley, gears and cover. It is complete, bolt on and your ready to go. The condition is like new with about an hour of use. $55 plus shipping. I also have a used stripped jackshaft perfect to modify...
  10. B

    WTB: Choppers, Choppers and More Choppers! Complete, rolling or parts!

    Wanted: Vintage Chopper mini bikes. Original or Restored. Parts or rollers. TOP $$ Paid. No tire kickers here, do not need 1000 photos and 50 phone calls to decide. (Sound familiar?) Trail Horse, CCS, Stellar, Lil Indian Outlaw, Manco Delta.. Also looking for clean CAT Dominator. Call Us and...
  11. S

    1972 Speedway Super Spyder Found Original and complete need advice

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member and I haven't completely got this site figured out yet so I wasn't able to post any pics. The reason I joined is because I recently purchased a 1972 Speedway Super Spyder in great original condition with a DMV title. This bike does have a headlight, taillight...
  12. 4

    1971 Arctic Cat Climber Complete Tool Kit

    My first attempt at posting on here. I recently picked up a 1971 Arctic Cat Climber from under a pine tree in Rimini, MT that had been sitting there for about the last 20 years. It's in surprisingly amazing condition considering how long it has been out. I should have it running by next...
  13. Briggster

    Aggie 98 complete roller

    Appears to be a complete Aggie 98 roller. I believe even the seat is original. It needs a new wooden base. It comes just as you see it. Let me know if you'd like photos of a specific area. I can deliver it to Torquefest, the White Knuckle Scramble, or the Symco Shakedown in Symco, WI. Asking...
  14. chicodafreako

    complete ruttman gt250 $500

    Located in metro detroit michigan. Has 5hp tecumseh, starts after about 4 pulls, leaks gas from the carb
  15. L

    1970 Mongomery Wards (my first build) almost complete.

    I have to mount the front fender, and put some finishing touches on it. Next weekend my son and I will be entering it in a local vintage mini-bike and moped show. Can someone tell me how to upload pictures to a thread?
  16. Thad

    Speaker headlight bucketand a taillight complete for a herters bike.

    Speaker model 5570 Headlight bucket with rubber no internals small ding ( thowing it in). Speaker tail light(lens says 3042) complete with mount and all the bolts that came with them. Text 7122516249 for photos. Trying to get rid of anything I won't ever use. Many other parts for this bike...
  17. B

    3 early winter projects 99.9% complete Arco / Acme / Trail Horse

    Just a couple finishing touches to do but I'll call them done:) Acme Chopper Hs50 Super chrome powdercoat forks Lime time candy green powdercoated frame White powder coated wheels New everything else Suspension TH H50 Royal blue Powdercoat Glass beaded and cleared...
  18. S

    HS 40 complete engine

    Looking for a complete and running HS40 engine . Would also consider a replacement plug and play engine .
  19. Hemibrad

    Wanted George Barris Minibikes complete or parts

    Wanted George Barris Minibikes complete or parts. Looking for California chopper, Trike, Flamer. Super Stocker, Mini Dragger bikes. Complete or Parts wanted dead or alive. Also any production information and / or engineering plans. Please send pictures of what you have an your contact...
  20. slywilliez

    FS Complete Trail Horse GTO 150

    Up for sale is a complete 1970 Trail Horse GTO " 150??" I am not 100% sure on the model but the bike is in great shape. I has straight bars and I don't see any cracks or re-welds on the frame. I believe the motor is the original motor HS25, it turns over with good compression. It still has the...