Can anyone ID this vintage Rupp?

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I just bought this kart a auction, as an educational project (pretty limited experience with mechanical stuff, but I'm interested). I can't seem to find a match online for the year and model but it has a Rupp sticker on the floor pan and seems similar to pictures I see from the 1960s. It has a 3hp Clinton 4 stroke.

Does anyone know anything more about this particular kart?

My goal is to get it to start. I've only done the basics so far... ie, cleaned it, new spark plug, new oil and gas, put some marvel mystery oil in the spark plug well because it was seizing when I pulled the starter cord... No luck so far (other than engine no longer seizing, at the expense of some mystery oil coming out the air filter), and I foresee a long road of research ahead, including lots of good posts I've already found on this forum!.

So to the point of this post, I'm just wondering if anyone has any baseline info, and/or relevant beginner's advice that might be more specific than the mountains of info out there. Hoping to maybe find an old manual online for the engine or kart itself if anyone knows the year/model. Anyway, I'd appreciate any thoughts!


First off welcome to the club and although this is a mini bike club there are lots of knowledgeable kart cronies that will offer advice. Why do you think its a Rupp. The pics aren't clear enough for ID'ing but it doesn't look to have Rupp rims. More pics would help.
Thanks for the welcome. My searching led me here so I thought I'd try posting in the go karts category. Will add more pics soon, it's dark now unfortunately.

I know it's a Rupp because there's an old sticker on the floor pan that says Rupp, and also one on a guard over the rear wheel.


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It was one of the promotional fiberglass bodied karts. its short in the front the body support is tall, maybe it was the beetle or Jeep body they offered briefly, I really don know. They used those clinton engines on them. The main ones they had like that were the vega, Gremlin and a Beetle. Those WERE different setups than the Earlier made chevy Jr. karts. The Karts like yours were the start of FW and associates mini cars that ended up in Phoenix after moving from Mansfield and made all the little promotional karts that went through the 1980's