Can I weld on a mostly assembled bike?


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You're not supposed to weld on a gas tank unless it's hyper clean, right? Or where an arc might find the shortest route to ground is through a nearby roller bearing. I'm also thinking this translates into "not supposed to weld where stuff is screwed together"...

I don't want to keep a bare metal frame exposed too long, but I'm not ready to place the kickstand or foot peg brackets on my build yet. I need to assemble and sit down on it first before any of that.

I'm thinking I could weld a steel tab nearby and just of sight for future ground clamping. It might ensure my grounding route won't wander too far. It could also reduce how much primer I have to remove before welding.

I'm a novice mig flux welder but not too bad at it.

So what do you think? If I put a tab no more than three inches away on the back of a tube, can I later come back, clear just a smaller area of the primed metal, and weld a bracket onto that tube without completely disassembling the whole bike?



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