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  • Not sure if my pm's went through, but Shoot me an offer if your still interested in the doodlebug. Thanks
    I'm not sure if I have emailed you before.Were you looking for a west bend 700 engine?
    I have one for sale in the $300 range that is rebuilt with mount.
    I can send pix if you need them.
    Hi Lon; As nice as it is that's WAY over your self indisposed spending limit LOL . And that guy seems to pop up with a lot of goodies and the more we talk about a certain bike the higher the price goes. Have a great Christmas. Steve
    hey oldsalt,just bought a supa series macclloch 100 1966 motor, i paid $1000 for it,full rebuilt and like out the box conditin,do you think its a good start ????? just need a frame,i got the heaty!!! man it kiied me thoe to pull out the $1000, good chunk of my war vet pay,i try and save a little every pay check!! till i got me a little something. tell me what you think of the mac 100 i think its a 125 cc, what calss would that fall under???
    "eleminate the ball bearings from haveing the destructive "pre load" that would take place when the axle nut is pulled up tight. PM me if you wish to talk more about it."

    I have spacers on the outside of the bearings, to hold them in ofcourse. I should just get more of that strong spacer tubing, and cut it to the exact length of the space inbetween the bearings?
    I have been reading the messages on the Oldminibikes.com site and waxing nostalgic.
    I still have the engine from my capercycle which I purchased in the early sixtys. My Dad stored the machine for many years and then sold the bike less engine to a friend. Don't know if you are still looking for one? I can send some pictures if interested. I still remember how my fingers would sting when that little 2 cycle would back-fire at times when starting it.
    Regards / Dennis Archer darcher29@gmail.com
    Hey oldsalt, I just picked up a new mini bike and have been having trouble finding any info on it at all. GTO mentioned that you used to have one like it and might know more. I posted some pics in the "What is it" forum under "Mini Bike ID" so if you get a chance see what ya think. Any help would really be appreciated. Thnx
    Hey oldsalt; Since I grew up in WW, I would love to catch up with you. I had a short
    email chat with caperman regarding Ben Hunt, etc. I hung out a lot at their shop in the
    late 50s. Ran an Apache cart which was Ben's compatition in WW and I'm now trying
    to locate a caper cart which seems harder to find then caper cycles.......Let's chat.
    Jim Jessup jessuparchitect@msn.com 206 322-2121
    Lon, Im shure the fenders are the original Both my Caper Cycles have the same fenders. I also met another guy with a Caper Cycle with the same fenders. I have an original brochure I will post and it shows the fenders. I need another set of fenders for my third Caper Cycle. If there's anything I can do to help just let me know.
    Lon, I posted some pics of the older Caper Cycle frame and some close up pics of the fenders. Are you the one who bought my Caper Cycle sticker? Its on its way.
    Please excuse lateness of reply. The tank heads are aluminum pieces that are used to block off 3-1/2" hose. Got them at a truck repair shop that also does tank repair. The body of the tank is simply a piece of 3-1/2" aluminum tube that was also acquired at the truck shop. The gas cap and fitting were made on my lathe. But I'm sure there are simplier ways of suppling a method for filling. I am blessed by the fact that I have a TIG for such work.
    Very best regards,
    Hey oldsalt,
    I saw one of your bikes on the photo gallery. I was wondering where you got your fuel cell from? Im reffering to the round cylinder type tank on one of your mini's. Do you know a site where I can view them? Any info. would be appreciated. Thx for your time
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