can't identify

GOT THIS YESTERDAY HAVE LOOK ED TIL MY EYES HURT TRYING TO FIND ORIGIN. HAVE FORKS TOO NO MARKS OR STAMPS #ETCHED 20150506_022358.jpg forward pegs piping on seat single loop top rail 5/8 axles scrub brake frame out of 1 inch tubing has general safety-rib 2 ply nylon 2.80/2.50-4 tires on it seems to have original paint no wear on tires and no marks on Mount plate, almost as if it was never finished.... neck still has stiff old grease on bronze bushings and it's heavytubing
Thanks for your response, wonder how early did they sell kits I really don't think this one ever had a motor installed plate is flawless
It's not a Taco. It's a K&S Hornet. The Taco 22 frame is shorter and the rear axle mounts are inside the frame on top of the tubes.

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Also on the Taco, the foot pegs are in the middle, the frame is 7/8" tubing, the kick stand is on the right side, and there are no fender mounts.


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Tom and Ed nailed it. I almost bought one last summer because I thought it was a Taco. I wish I had gotten it anyway, since it was so cheap
Thanks Tom , being here in Texas I have seen quite a few Tacos and although close in shape the axle mounts and left side kickstand, set it apart from all my Taco literature. I thought that maybe it was a well done "homebuilt as there are no numbers on it.
I've never heard of a K&S Hornet nor seen one that I can remember Now I'm off to the Web to find out about this heavy duty mini and in search of parts as pristine as this frame is I want to take it to the way it was when new.
One last maybe question are they still in production and where they were made.??? Thanks once again