cat 350 SS

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

I guess that all would depend on the condition of the bike and how complete it is. Cat parts are not the easiest thing to find. So if you start with a pretty complete bike thats half the battle. If the bike your looking at is missing say fenders, switch plate, clutch cover, brake, kickstand could be searching for awhile and spending some serious green when you do find it. That is if you want to restore it back to as close to original you can. A bike missing all the parts i mentioned, basically a roller or with a motor i wouldnt give any more than 100 to 200 .
Ok so it has the brakes kickstand funky little wire clips original grips in good shape double indian head tires three five star insertsboth wheels in good shape missing a switch plate clutch cover it has the rear fender no front fender my guess is the bike might not have had alot of riding timeeverything really appears to be in good condition
Sound nice. The rear fender is alot harder to find than a front fender. Switch plate is a tough one, When you find one be prepared to spend any where from 75 to 100 and up. Clutch cover, there are a few on ebay now 100 to 150 . Post a pic if you can.