1. M

    60mph doodlebug with 212cc predator. Is the price right?

    $550 212cc predator mini bike (1.8 hours) No governor Longer billet connecting rod Billet flywheel 18lb valve springs Chromoly push rods Mod2 cam Bigger carb K&N filter Straight pipe ARC throttle plate Under seat fuel tank Hydraulic disc brake Tachometer 2 piece aluminum...
  2. Valocalrep

    This price cant be right

    I mean its cleana nd all but can someone tell me how he thinks its worth that much?
  3. GaryTheBadger

    1972 Suzuki RV90J Rover original price?

    Hello, I am making show signs for my mini bikes for the upcoming show season. On those signs I include the original price of each bike. I have not been able to find a document online that shows the original price for a 1972 Suzuki RV90J Rover. Any ideas? Thank you.

    USHIP price quotes

    How many of you have successfully used uship???????????? Before I bought my Super Bronc there was a guy in the San Francisco Bay area with several on Fleabay. I signed up with uship to see what it might cost to ship it across the states, almost coast to coast. Now the auction was a Buy...
  5. danford1

    Great price on 6.5 hp Predator

    Great price. Danford1
  6. minikenny

    He lowered the price , isn't that legal ?

    I am replying in off-topic, since there IS a specific rule against discussion not related to the item for sale in sales threads. I can't prove it, but it stands to reason that rule is because every reply puts the for sale item back on top. A "bump." I guess you are saying lowering the price...
  7. M

    WANTED: Price Estimate Baja Warrior Front Forks

    Title says it all - need an approximate of what these might cost? Should I just look for a new frame altogether?
  8. CCS Charger Price/Accessory List

    CCS Charger Price/Accessory List

    Late 60's CCS Charger Price & Accessory List
  9. E

    is this mini bike worth the price

    the guy want 100 for it is that a good price:confused::confused:
  10. Biodude

    2 1969 Rupp Roadsters for the price of one! That is a screaming deal!! Why do these always come up after I have left the area? I was just there 3 weeks ago. :confused:
  11. SimpleTom

    Great price on a Cat

    1969 JC Penny Mini Bike Restored Rebuilt | eBay 1969 Jc Penny Mini Bike ( Restored & Rebuilt) Price: US $1,800.00 or $300 for 6 months†
  12. Shawnster

    Vintage ATC Motherload!

    It's an old video but, WOW! This guy has / had an amazing collection of Honda ATC's that are / were for sale. Although he never mentioned a price, I'm curious if they sold and what they sold for. Shawn
  13. Biodude

    1969 Rupp Roadster in Maine (Near Bangor)

    Mini bike $450.00 In rough shape but looks complete. Even the guard! Great price too.
  14. dbadgley

    WTB H-H 200M or 200ME DISC BRAKE

    Looking for a H-H 200M or 200ME disc brake. If you have one for sale please send me pictures and a price. You can also send pictures and price to if that would be easier.
  15. John G.

    Bonanza chopper on ebay

    Bonanza Chopper Mini Bike | eBay I have this bike Listed on ebay. If any one is interested i can do $800 cash or paypal for OldMiniBikes members. Pick up only. i will not ship it. I will not part it out. Price is firm. However if you dont want the motor and want the complete roller with clutch...
  16. M

    cat 350 SS

    Im looking at possibley buying one what is a fair price to pay?
  17. trailramdan

    trail buck

    Looking to sell this project bike It's complete and will run. Has compression and good spark. Needs a headgasket. I'm on my phone so it's he'd to post pics. Email me for pics and price. I posted a picture on here a while ago of it. I'm located near cedar falls. Iowa
  18. outcrydrummer

    1974 Trisport Alsport 440 JLO Rockwell part out

    Hey guys I've given up on my project. I'd like to go ahead and part out the Trisport. For those of you who arent aware I have a thread on the more than two wheels section for my restore / rebuild of the rts 340 sl. Way too many parts to do price break down but I'll say from $40-$300 for the...
  19. J

    Rupp 6" chrome ring with hole

    Looking for a very nice chrome trim ring with the air fill hole. Pic and price if you have one your willing to sell. Thanks, Joe
  20. J

    69 Rupp Goat rear wheel

    Looking for a complete 69 Rupp Goat rear wheel assembly including the brake. Let me know if you have one. Price and picture would be great. Thanks