cat chain guide

Has anyone ever seen a chain guide like this on a cat ? This one came on my 74 slingshot. It has the same bolt pattern as the regular guides and a 3/4 bearing inside the delrin/ nylon roller. The aluminum bracket is a machined/ extruded piece that leaves me to believe it may be factory ?


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I've never seen one. I'm guessing its an aftermarket piece or a very nice custom part that a PO installed because they were unable to locate the original part.

I have to say its a neat part and looks like it would be more durable than the original.

Do you have it mounted on a different bike? It looks like the gold bike in the pictures is a 1969?
Yes I mounted it on my 1969 400x. The slot in the engine plate was really hogged out so I welded in a plate to fix it, and then forgot to cut a new slot before I painted the frame, so then decided to use it on this bike...