1. GW1

    Unable to remove CT200U chain tensioner

    Hi all! I’m a new member and super happy I found your group! Hoping someone with experience can help out a desperate dad… the arm of the chain tensioner on my son’s Coleman CT200U broke clean. The only thing remaining is the metal cylinder that the arm was attached to. It rotates freely...
  2. 250ATC

    Chain clutch recommendation?

    I’ve got an old Baja Beetle retro fitted with a fully built predator ghost 212. It’s a 35 chain, 3/4 bore and I tried using a master of motion 12 tooth clutch. It exploded 5min in, the sprigs between the clutch pads are bent and over extended. I can find a clutch that’s over 7hp rating. Any...
  3. Sativalynn

    Clutch chain

    Trying to remove the chain. On my mb200 to swap out the clutch but the chain has no master link? Any suggestions?
  4. S

    Back wheel stuck

    Hi, My pit bike recently locked up the back tire from moving, while letting the engine keep running. Can only move it back and forth a bit but won't fully move, any ideas o why it won't go?
  5. 20200528_185824.jpg


    Making a #219 chain torque converter sprocket
  6. P

    Chain Tensioner Help

    So i’ve thrown together a pretty strange setup for my chain tensioner on my minibike. The issue i’m running into however is that the chain is completely destroying the roller wheel. I’ve had on wheel get completely eaten all the way to the bearing and now caused a chain to break. My question is...
  7. leafvillage

    Minibike find at Flea Market

    This past Sunday I found a minibike it is a Blitz frame with a Honda GX110 3.5 HP but missing a few things. I just noticed I forgot to take a pic of the chain side. I measured it so I think it takes a 3/4" centrifugal clutch. I am looking for help from the members on what parts to order for it...
  8. B

    Sprocket and chain size

    Hey guys so basically I've got a mini bike frame which I'm doing up and everything's going well but I'm having trouble working out the size of the sprocket on the rear wheel it's a 50 tooth but I need to figure out the pitch and what not for getting a clutch it looks bigger than 35 chain so any...
  9. J

    chain and sprocket size 41, 40, 420, 428

    I bet this has been beat to death on here, but I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for. From what I can tell all sprockets marked #40 are not the same. 40 and 41 are the same pitch but different width. 2 sprockets I have are marked "40" but are thinner, I think to fit 41 chain...
  10. E

    want any NOVA chain guard/clutch cover

    looking for a nova chain guard in any shape, and for any model.
  11. H

    Wtb Orginal Bonanza chain guard

    Orginal Chrome chain guard. Bonanza ....412-277-5803. Mark
  12. B

    1969 Rupp Roadster Kick Stand and the dreaded chain cover

    Hello My Minibike friends, I am in the midst of refurbishing a 1969 Rupp Roadster. I only have two parts left that I need. The kick-stand and the chain cover. I have looked at a ton of pics on here and it seems that both are a very hot commodity. If anyone has a kickstand or a chain...
  13. T

    Doodlebug and Racer Chain Upgrade?

    Hi y'all I am plagued with #35 chain on two of our smaller mini bikes; Doodlebug and Racer (they have stock 212cc Hemi Predator swapped in) The chain get stretch like crazy. We made the new chain short as possible and adjusted the tensioner all the way forward ("loose") and adjusted the...
  14. jayvansickle

    Time for chain and clutch

    I am building a Doodle Bug 6.5 Predator mini. What length #35 chain will I need? 12 tooth clutch recommendation? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. FOMOGO

    Gold on Gold chain

    I finally got my drift trike finished up and took it out for a ride this weekend. I had noticed a little run out in the axle sprocket but didn't think it was enough to be of concern. Well it promptly spit the chain off... I was not happy and really didn't give a crap at that moment so I rolled...
  16. SAS289

    What chain lube do you guys use?

    I was just out cleaning and lubing my chain and wondered what others use for lube. The last time I lubed it I used the end of a 15 year old can of Honda chain lube. Today I started on what's left of an old can of Maxim chain wax. These were from the days of doing it to the 520 dirt bike...
  17. Phil1958

    Bonanza Chain Tensioner

    this may have been done before, i don't know. i never liked those 5/16" x 5/8" eyebolts used as chain tensioners. i spun up a couple 1" diameter, 1/2" wide spacers wit h a 5/8" bore. then i took a 1-3/4" fully threaded hex bolt with two nuts and ran them through the tensioner holes. look...
  18. David wulf

    Bonanza repop chain guards

    I have five bonanza steel chain guards , copies of course . Made of 18 ga steel sheet and welded together . There are no mounting holes yet , but I can provide engine mounting brackets at an additional cost . Price 75.00 shipped
  19. FOMOGO

    Chain Breaker for #40 chain

    Looking for suggestions on a chain breaker for #40 chain that will do the job painlessly but not break the bank. What have you got? What do you recommend? Thanks, Doug
  20. OND

    DB 30 Chain Tensioner

    New take off DB30 chain tensioner . $20.00 shipped ...first PM gets it .