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Whats the best stuff to make a chain guard? I was thinking cut the basic shape for the side, then cut a piece to go around and L brackets to hold them together and to bolt the whole thing to the bike? I haven't done this before. Not sure if it would be ok to wrap it or just a side piece and a top. young kids 6-8 will be riding it. Any ideas ?
I' am with Chipper on liking aluminum. ;)

Basic workshop stuff is what I have been using lately.

Aluminum needs to be heated, clamped in a vise ect. bending with steady pressure,, holding the other end with an adjustable wrench ect.
I use 1/8 & 16th aluminum for most my stuff, easier to work with also.

I also have been brazing the pieces together with ''Alum weld rod'' that you get from Harbor Freight , using a propane torch,, 'Map gas is even better'
The metal needs to be 'very'' clean, using a stainless wire brush.
Each contact piece needs to be brazed first, & then clamped together & heated again,, to fuse.
It takes about 740+*f to get the rod to puddle.
If you do it correctly & take your time,, you will have a 'very' strong brazed joint.
The PSI strength of that rod is around 40K.
There is a bunch of You- tube vids on using it, & stuff like it.
It does take practice, & patence.

Cutting out radius sections ect., a lot of times, I draw the curve,, & then drill a bunch of very small holes along where I drew.
You can then take a hack saw, & cut sections to where you drilled the holes, & then break each section off with using vise grips ect.

If using a grinder, be ''very'' careful with what type of wheels ect. you use.
Aluminum clogs in those very easy, & can potentially make the wheel ect. explode.
''Basic metal safety stuff''.;)
Check out my GX 200 swap thread if you like, my latest chain/clutch guard is in it.
Best of luck.
sounds like an idea. I have a lot of woodworking tools and machines. I know about clogging up stuff as when I was young in the Navy I filed a piece of aluminum and the file went pop. I didn't get hurt but learned from that. I could bolt some sheet metal together but not sure about aluminum and brazing, guess I could try. I am going to have to read up on it. I can see that would be strongest. I have a bunch of electric saws I can put metal cutting blades in to cut it not sure about bending it. Maybe just a 90°.
Aluminum ''hands down'', would look better than sheet metal also.
If you are good at woodworking, I don't see why you would have a problem with aluminum.
Kind'a think of it as the same, when cutting & finishing. ;)
When cutting & drilling it, you definitely want to go slow,, with min. press.
Of course you have other options of fastening the pieces together, with using aluminum rivets,, or machine screws & nuts ect.


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Here is the one on my sons bike for reference if it helps.

you’d need to fashion a bracket that bolts onto the engine and make a guard that’ll bolt into the bracket. I’ve always thought that the aluminum street signs would make a great clutch guard once you trim to size and they’re easy to bend to shape.



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I just cut a piece of sheet steel to shape and bend it into a U-shape. You can score the bend lines with a die grinder to make it bend better if you don't have a brake. I find 14ga gives a good compromise between weight and stiffness.


I will look at the ones in the warehouse. I may try cutting a piece out Thanks Daddy John. Lots of interesting types. I was thinking of covering most of it. Just in case. My grandson thinks he is a hot