Chinese Pulsa-Jet Carburetor


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I picked up one these just yesterday but prior to, didn't find any reviews pro or con. Anyone tried one of these carbs? I would have preferred genuine OEM but figure a trial run with this knock off will probably be worth it.
Came with 'free gaskets' and a strangle little rubber plug.
It is nice and new--never seen a new one and /or one with such a highly polished throat (see last pic).

Two things stand out: the port for the needle valve contains not the usual needle, but what looks like an emulsion tube and it was installed flush with the body, with no spring.

Second: from the top of the carb there is visible a hole bored into the diaphragm pump housing just forward of the spring mechanism. It extends all the way to the mounting flange and I suppose that it's an alternate mounting hole.
If it's not needed, I guess that is what the rubber plug is for?

I'm puzzled by this new mixture adjustment, or if there's any adjustment at all.

Please assist on installation and use--it's all Chinese to me now. Thanks in advance.



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So, this must be a copy of one of the last Pulsa-Jet designs?
I have never seen anything quite like it.

I know this is a copy of the Pulsa-Jet fixed jet carb, so you could only adjust the idle mixture on those.
I don't know about this one.

The "emulsion tube" should be screwed in flush, as far as it will go then?


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Just your run of the mill mill, a 130202 series 5 HP 1990 model. Near as I can tell anyway. I'm a neophyte but I was surprised to see it had the points and condenser style block casting but it was never fitted out for points ignition...

The blower says 'Craftsman 4HP' on what looks like an original sticker, but the model says 130202. :laugh:

Did Sears downgrade it on purpose?
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I have seen these China knock off carbs, however, I have never had the need to try one because it's not that difficult (or expensive) to get the real thing. Used OEM Briggs 5 HP Pulsa-Jet carbs come on Ebay pretty regular for about $ 30.00-35.00 shipped, and they are adjustable, unlike yours. For that matter, I have seen complete 5 HP engines for that on CL for that we have bought just to get the carb and tank There is really not that much that can go wrong with them that a routine, simple, and inexpensive cleaning and rebuild can't take care of.


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The engine with the new Chinese carb runs just fine. There is no adjustment (except idle speed) as stated previously but the engine will be sold off so no worries.
The old carb was a corroded mess and unsightly but it too will be refurbished in due time.

A worthy experiment but it shall not be repeated. Genuine Briggs from now on. :thumbsup: