Chrysler/West Bend SA 825- What is it?

Finally got around to trying to start this pig. Engine had spark already which was good. Upon inspection, the cylinder and Nikasil appeared to be smooth without any chips or damage so it was decided to go through the carburetor and try to fire. Pulled several times and adjusted carburetor on the fly, engine finally started and ran. Wasn't able to get running smoothly and consistent, thinking something was still not right in the carburetor. Having just test ran the engine for my Screamer which had a completely rebuilt/refurbished carb that was dialed in, we decided to throw the Screamer carb on this experimental ssscat. The bike started up right up, rev'd and idled almost perfectly. Success! This bike still has the original clutches and belt installed, which all operated correctly when revving the engine which was good to see. Original carb for the bike has since been overhauled and several flaws were found and corrected, which is good. Will test again with original/rebuilt carb and see what happens.

Stoked that this old, unique, experimental bike still has a pulse and won't require much to be a running-riding bike again.
Ding Ding, how old is the motor? They came with a chrome cylinder, not Nikasil until about four years ago. If it is Nikasil someone had it done at some point in it's life.

Ding Ding

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Hey Ding Ding, 82019 is the correct engine for a screamer and they were 8hp stock. Let me know if you need more info!
What you talkin' about Willis? That information is common knowledge. The information I was seeking was about the SA 825 engine that came on my Experimental SSScat/Screamer prototype.
Whoops, I missed that picture. If it has 1 head gasket it is most likely 10hp, if it has 2 head gasket would be 8hp. The only thing that determined how on the 820s were compression and carb size.