Clinton 2cycle Panther 500-300

She’s looks rough but she had an easy life. This was from an air mover used by the local volunteer FD. It looked way better when I stuck her in my shed 17 years ago. Maintenance book suggests between 60-70psi and she spot on 70, maybe 71 lol. Ran it for only a couple of minutes as I felt she was lean.
The site won’t allow me to upload a video directly... I will add them later on. 5AF39F7C-BABD-4923-8C03-447EE27E4E60.jpeg 59456DD7-7AF2-4016-B21E-FD6F0657CEAA.jpeg C7B97CD0-FDBC-4590-981C-EC0F0BD98AD9.jpeg BD9E0635-2324-415D-8BF0-1E4830267EF9.jpeg 9AD0FB59-4E74-48F6-A1AD-570E731A95C5.jpeg 21933D70-C5C8-4A0B-A1B9-900598B7CCA1.jpeg
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I love old engines...

It's weird, when I was a kid I hated the term 2 middle age I was ok with that I'm old I hate it again....

Not sure why...
I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this engine, but it ran so well, I decided to give it the love she deserved. I ordered a complete gasket set with crank seals. Also, a pz 20 carburetor to try out, worse case scenario that can go on the HS40. While waiting for those I pulled the recoil to strip and rebuild, as well as the engine housing. So far so good. 782FD031-15FC-45E6-993F-48398F2B545E.jpeg F13B6F08-CA54-4905-81DE-4D8C9CCAAC9C.jpeg
Thank you!
I have the motor partially torn down. A set of NOS oem gaskets have arrived, but I’m still on the hunt for the crankcase seal on the pto side (ball bearing). I will be adding more photos as I move along, including modifying the Chikuni carb for the Clinton flange which I believe is the same as the Tecumseh.