Clutch Cover


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King O Lawn was one company that used them on the aggies and some of the Mickey bikes too, there were others if I am not mistaken, but I cant think of them offhand. is it marked on the inside? Jeff clark was making recasts of them for awhile.



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No markings inside. This cover came in a box with a disassembled 5 horse Briggs that's date coded from 1969.
would make sense for an Aggie 98 swingframe (like in the add I posted above. They were 1969/70 and used the Briggs 5hp and had them mounted at an angle which looks like that one holes are drilled that way. are the mount brackets there in the box? They were usually just little L brackets that mounted to the engine sidecover perimeter bolts


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I think the mystery is solved. My father in law (Don 81) said the mini bike was purchased at Montgomery Wards, it was named after a race car driver but he could not remember the driver's name. Well, that would be J.C. Agajanian or "Aggie" for short. Sadly the mini was destroyed when a kid on a motor cycle T-boned my young brother in law while trail riding. The Aggie frame was bent beyond repair and the only thing Don kept was the 5 horse Briggs and the clutch cover. I'm currently rebuilding the 5 horse for another mini bike project.

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I have an Aggie 97 with the same clutch cover. It was mounted with some L brackets to the two top engine side cover bolts (in my case, a Tecumseh HS40), but it was mounted straight (not at an angle).

Glad I'm not the only one who's family got an Aggie at Montgomery Wards!