Comet vs Clone

Does it make sense to spend the extra $$$ for a genuine Comet TAV2 instead of a clone? Do they work better? Are they more durable? Are there more repair parts and springs available?

Thanks for your opinions.
I have bought both.

The Chinese ones are fine for most applications.

If you have something that is going to get beat on hard buy Comet.

Parts availability is plentiful for either and I think most of it interchanges.

ALWAYS buy comet belts!!!
I say buy either one , although the comet is probably better made . But I do think the 20 series is better because you can buy anybody's V belt to go on it . With the 30 series you're stuck with buying the expensive comet belts .
Also I hear people say the 30 is stronger BS they are the same internals just made to run a different shape belt .