1. foxxinabox

    Comet vs Aftermarket

    So I was rooting around in the garage tonight and found I have a GX390 from...something; looks like I have a donor engine for the TriRod. Now, my question is: should I be looking at strictly Comet clutches or are any aftermarket ones worthwhile? I'm needing a 40 Series driver, at the minimum...
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  7. BenWeatherley

    Harrison wildcat torque converter advice needed

    Hi guys. I'm finally starting rebuilding my harrison wildcat from my childhood. It was originally fitted with a salsbury 330 driver and driven. The driven survives but driver is long lost. So what are my options? I've seen the gtc 340.. is this a direct replacement? Any good? Juggernaut? Is...
  8. minimotor

    New Comet TAV 2-30 Torque Converter

    condition: new New in box Comet Tav2-30 torque converter. Never used. 3/4 shaft, with 35 and 41 chain sprockets. $90.00, plus the ride.
  9. manchester1

    Comet 4 inch brake drums. NOS

    NOS Comet brake drums. (2). These came from a lot that I purchased. 4" drum with 1" center hole. $45.00 shipped to the USA.
  10. Comet brake drum

    Comet brake drum

  11. Comet brake drum

    Comet brake drum

  12. David wulf

    Turning a comet 20 at 8,250 RPM's

    Well I've build a another flat track bike out of the infamous super Powell . I've taken off the Powell frame rails and foot plates . And I've gone with single down tube and still have the kart style motor mount . The foot rest are a one piece design that clamps on just like the motor mount does...
  13. wayspeed

    Comet factory ?

    Does anyone know if Comet in Edgerton Wi has a walk in store for general public ?
  14. L

    Comet vs Clone

    Does it make sense to spend the extra $$$ for a genuine Comet TAV2 instead of a clone? Do they work better? Are they more durable? Are there more repair parts and springs available? Thanks for your opinions.
  15. diggers

    Comet tav30 w/ 1" driver

    Brand new never used $150 obo
  16. rollin2

    Comet 40 clutches.

    Going a different route on my project.Good usable condition genuine comet 40 plus belt. Does have some slight surface rust on the sheaves from sitting and i don't have a scotch pad to clean them.Thats all they need.Driven is 7.5 inches in diameter,for a 5/8ths shaft.Driver is for 7/8ths...
  17. gbabins1

    TAV question

    I picked up a new TAV about a year from OldMiniBikes warehouse. They were pretty cheap so I grabbed one and it sat for about 1 year before I got around to using it. I put it on a few weeks ago and noticed right away the the driven unit has a slight wobble in it. At first I suspected the 3/4 jackshaft...
  18. G

    NOS Comet series 40 clutch, belt, driven

    I have a new never used Comet series 40 torque converter with belt and driven pulley The 2speed jackshaft is not included in this sale but is offered n another post. More photos here: Prrice is $175.00 shipping from 90242...
  19. G

    New Old Stock Comet 2 Speed Clutch

    I have a new never used Comet 2 speed jackshaft clutch I bought for a project that never materialized. Price is $160.00 shipping from 90242 Torque converter shown in photos is available in a separate post and is not included in this sale. more photos here...
  20. james ackerman

    Seeking comet belt # for heald vt5

    Does anyone have the correct comet belt number for the heald vt5.