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I've got most of the parts together for the engine, still waiting on my buddy to finish up the frame for me. Ran into a bit of an issue with the front end for it. Hoping to have the completed frame within the next couple of weeks. Will post more details and updates on how the build goes then. So far I've just been spending way too much fucking money on parts. The engine is going to be a very heavily modded 212.

Most recent pic of the frame.

My buddy that's building it built a bike that he ran at Bonneville last year for a record in whatever class he was in. He knows what he's doing and put quite a bit of thought into setting this thing up.
I'm digging the frame layout also, what size rear tire are going to be running.
Went with an 11.5x7.10-6 tire. Might be returning it if it doesn't work out how I want.

I'm still waiting on the front end for it. He made one out of aluminum and while strong, I just wasn't happy with how it looked with this frame. He's going to be making me a more standard fork setup for it this week. Still waiting on a few odds and ends that should hopefully be here by the end of this coming week. I hope that's going to be all I need to start putting this thing together. I do need to figure out the brake line length, luckily we have them in stock at my work. Might need to order fittings though. It's a from scratch project, so I'm sure there will be more to buy. Even yesterday I was buying more random stuff I hadn't thought much about.

We're going camping next weekend and my wife is on vacation from work. That leaves me very little time to mess around with this thing for the next couple of weeks.
The 11.5x7.10-6 rear tire won't work. It's closer to 10.25" tall and is 8" at the bead. I did not know the 7.10" measurement was the actual tread and not the overall width of the tire. Oh well, time to return it and buy something else. It also had a date of 04/08 on it, which I wasn't too happy about.
This project isn't getting done any time soon.

Currently dealing with selling my house and will be moving into my girl's house for awhile. She has a 1 car garage and there won't be room to work on stuff. Until we buy a new house, it's mostly going to sit. Luckily my boss is cool with me keeping all my bikes at work until I get shit sorted out. Maybe next summer it'll be done, who knows?
We'll skip all the in between project stuff.... :p

It's a rider now. The engine in it now is a pretty stout one (guessing 17-18hp), but not the one that's going to live in it, which should be in 23-25hp range. Finally got it going a couple of days ago and have only made a few blasts up and down the street with it. It's getting there. I really need to get it over to my friend's house since he's got a nice smooth stretch by his house that we can run 60+ on no problem.

There's still a lot of work to be done.

What engine and mods?
The engine in it now is a non-hemi 212 with a billet rod, billet flywheel, flat top piston, .272 Mongoose cam, 26lb springs, reinforced stock ratio rockers, 24mm Maikuni flat slide ($30 Mikuni knock off). Still running the stock coil and haven't done anything to the head. It still needs a lot of tuning.

The one I'm working on now that will live in it is a non-hemi 212 with the billet parts, .308 cam, 1.3 Black Venom roller rockers, 28mm flat slide, hotter coil, and a fully built BVH from Paul's Karts. I just need to make the push rods for it and that engine will be ready to start testing.

Finally got the heavily built engine that's going to live in it going. Haven't touched the carb yet, so there's still a bunch of work to be done. I'm leaning towards ditching the 28mm Maikuni that's on it for a real 28mm Mikuni. Not a fan of the Maikuni carb after using a 24mm one on another milder build.

It's slowly getting there. That 100 octane smells good too. LOL

edit: The engine that was in it in the previous pics is now living in my DB30. That's where my dislike of the 24mm Maikuni came in. You can't get jets for it. I have no idea what they thought these were going on. A #32 pilot is way too big even when that engine is running a .272 cam in it. I want to start at a #20 (or less) and can't find anything that small. I'm going down to a 22m Chikuni on that engine to see how it does.
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I haven't done shit to this bike due to my major home remodel hell I've been living in since April. Still looking like it's going to be another month or two before I'm able to start tinkering with stuff again.

Anyway, my buddy has a 236cc Tillotson stroker setup (based off the Tillotson 225R case) that I'm going to be swapping all of my parts onto. That engine I posted video of back in March is getting torn down after having only minutes of run time. The new engine will be bigger and more powerful. This bike should be a beast once it's done.