decompression valve

anyone use a harley decomp release on there hi compression predator this type needs no mods the harley ones you gotta drill in the chamber decomp.jpg decom.jpg
Most aftermarket cams come with a compression release mechanism that uses the exhaust valve. The exception would be any billet cam as those do not have compression releases.
the engine im running turns 8500 rpm that compression release is not gonna last and i find it extra baggage only a matter of time when it lets go but i appreciate your input
People run those compression releases up past 9k all the time without problems. The reason to ditch it is if the cam can't handle the valve spring/ rpm that you run and you need a billet steel cam.
it just seems like something that will let go at some point i have heard of them failing and i wanna pull start mine so the decompression release seems like a good idea , im still learning i am using the cam release now we will see how it works out
The "Harley" one pictured is cheap chainsaw part, $10-15 for decent ones.

The plug type requires a slotted thread area (read thread-chaser) or the oddball unit pictured.