Detroit Mini Bike Racing Sunday

Mean Dean

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The weather was beautiful around 70 degrees. Everybody was out. It was packed around 4:00 Pm. This was my first time watching this year. I had the pleasure of meeting VW Fan and a few others. Lots of good racing today. There was a lot of setting the tone for next years racing. I am going to come out of retirement of street racing in Detroit from drag racing cars and build a mini over the winter. There were some good bikes running today. VW fan came along way and had a blast and just about ran everybody. He ran pretty good. He didn't care he was there to run and he did. There was some cool stuff running. Lots of go carts also. I did not bring my camera but I am sure soembody did. The cops came by and everything was cool. They did drive thru and that was it. Racing continued. I had a great time and got my competitve juices flowing again. I am leaving a lot out but I am sure someone will chime in . I really wanted to stop by and watch the Thunderdrom racing but had too good of a time at the street racing.
i was there with the blue ruttman spyder and i jumped on dinos (bambino) or (pro turbo)s doodlebug with the wheelie bars on it and took it for a ride


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It was cool to check out what others are doing with their bikes and to run mine. Man there were some FAST bikes there, it's a lot different to see them in person compared to a video. I got a chance to ride an Outlaw Fab shop bike, holy S#*T, thanks for that. I have a long way to go to get my motor to that, I still plan to do a few more things to it but I'm not sure if I want to take this motor that far, well see how it runs after some head and valve train work. It was great to meet everyone and I look forward to next season.

May haft check this out. Just a long drive ya know.:scooter:
I drove about an hour to get there but it was worth it, had a blast.

Mean Dean

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locations are Only sent by a Text message. You must prove you are not a cop. Different locations on different days. LOL. there were a quite a few fast bikes in the 80's I am sure.