1. cheezy1

    Voting open till Sunday 10PM EST

    Voting open till next Sunday 10PM EST 6-11-2017
  2. B

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet Sunday April 23rd.

    /forum/photopost/data/500/mb8.jpg'][/url] ni'][/url] /photopost/data/500/thumbs/trike_lil_indian.jpg[/img][/url] / photopost/data/500/thumbs/mbcover2.jpg[/img][/url] mbs/mb34.jpg[/img][/url] L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet Sunday...
  3. B

    L.I. Mini bike show and swap meet. THIS SUNDAY!!!! March 26th

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet. THIS SUNDAY!!!! March 26th First event of 2017! Weather permitting. 70 Baiting Place Rd Farmingdale NY 11735 just off RT110 and Adams Blvd. BUY, SELL, TRADE mini bike, go karts and parts. We have people come from the Tri State area. Stop by and...
  4. massacre

    100' illegal minibike race in MA this Sunday at noon

    Mods please delete this thread thank you and sorry.
  5. B

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet. Sunday October 23rd. Farmingdale NY

    L.I. MINI BIKE SHOW and SWAP MEET. Sunday October 23rd. Farmingdale NY from 9 a.m to 2 p.m.. Come on down and show your mini bikes, sell your mini bikes, swap, buy and sell parts, browse or just BS with other mini bike enthusiasts from the Tri State area. Free Event! Plenty of room for...
  6. cruhr1

    It was a mini bike Sunday!

    The weather is finally coming around in Minnesota. We spent the afternoon riding these bikes. The Wards on the far right isn't mine. I got a friend of mine interested last summer and he just picked that one up cheap a couple weeks ago. It's a good rider for now. Today was the first real ride...
  7. lil indian chopper

    fox sunday..

    nice day to get out some of my mini bikes.. 70 fox trail tramp. 70 fox campus fx and 69 fox doodlebug..
  8. RCGuy

    Lowell MI. Fall Color Tour Sunday Oct. 25

    Meeting at Lowell Middle School, 750 Foreman Rd. 49331. Lowell Middle - LMS Home 1 PM gathering in the parking lot. These rides usually go pretty long, plan accordingly. Right now weather looks a little cool. If it goes to poop, I will post here on Sunday morning for go/no go. This is most...
  9. Cellar Dweller

    Swap Meet Worsester Ma tomorow

    Anyone got an address?Thankx R.I.Peacewarriors Sunday, April 19 at 12:00pm in EDT
  10. trailramdan

    Sunday fun

    Told the wife 5 follow me and shoot a video....I know it's not impressive but I had fun...327 with a powerglide 64 SS - YouTube
  11. M

    Video of the Sacramento Sunday race

    I made a video of the last race me and my buddy had. Let me apologize for any fowl language and the camera being so shaky in advance. With that being said enjoy.
  12. we4amigos

    Found this in a barn Sunday Tri-Sport TS130

    I was able to purchase this Sunday after a few weeks of trying. It hadn't seen daylight since the late '70' around '77.!!! Appears to be 100% original and after just a short hours work on the carb she was heading down the road.:scooter: I haven't look at the numbers yet to see...
  13. David wulf

    Picked up a nice roller sunday

    Yep its a roller and i think its really nice . My first thought was to use the wheels and brakes and the suppension on my rupp project . But then thought it would end up looking like the super powell i built . So i'am gona buy a big asss motor 140 or 160 cc and build me a custom pit bike ...
  14. Cheech

    Sunday Garage sale find

    Friends Anyone want to take a shot on this one???? Thanks Cheech
  15. Mean Dean

    Detroit Mini Bike Racing Sunday

    The weather was beautiful around 70 degrees. Everybody was out. It was packed around 4:00 Pm. This was my first time watching this year. I had the pleasure of meeting VW Fan and a few others. Lots of good racing today. There was a lot of setting the tone for next years racing. I am going to...
  16. Tom S.

    On Any Sunday

    Got to see this great film at the theater last night. I've watched the video many times, but this was the first time I've seen it on the big screen. Wonderful. I was 14 when it was originally released, but my parents wouldn't let me go. I guess they thought it would corrupt me. Lotta good that...
  17. agent001

    Guy wants to rent minibikes this Sunday for TV

    I've told him no, mainly because I'm worried they'll tear my bikes up. He keeps asking me so he's obviously not having any luck finding 4 minibikes anywhere else around here. I thought I might post about it here incase somebody else around here wanted to make some money. His ad(how I first came...
  18. supertrike stx

    Easter sunday

    Happy Easter everyone !!! :biggrin:

    Sunday 6PM ~ THE YAC ~ Centerpoint pkwy

    Test and tune at the Yac Sunday eve. Bring your drag bike. 1/8th mile. Helmet and long pants required to run. 6PM-8PM July 24, 2011.
  20. M

    SoCal FunDay #2 - Sunday Sept. 25th

    It is my pleasure to announce that Sunday, September 25th is SoCal 11:00am to 4:00pm Friends – Fun – Food and MINIBIKES! ----------------------------------------------------------------- GRAND MARSHALL – Evil Ed himself! (FREE Autographs & 1/2...