dose anyone know if you can drill the stock connecting rod oil hole

what I preditroe billit connecting rod.jpg want to know is what is the size of a billet connecting rod hole that lubricates the connecting rod to the crankshaft is it the same as stock or not
and if it's not the same size can I drill it out to be the same size or even bigger so my stock rod does not weld itself to the crankshaft
just an idea oh can it be done to the rod bearings too? I'm not saying I will be running it higher than 5500 I wonder what it can handle
Two problems with your idea.

The oil slinger on the stock rod doesn't have a hole in it.

The stock rod doesn't have bearings. It's just a machined surface.

Your idea won't work.

Edit: I attached pics of a stock rod out of a Ducar 212. It's the same design as clone/Predator rods. As you can see, no oil hole and no bearings.


Why screw around with your idea? Even if you COULD do it, you would have to remove the stock rod to do that- why not do it the PROPER way and just install a billet rod and be done with it while you are in there?