Down Shifters CC Mini Bike Drags/Meet, Oct 24th

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Can’t make it, something came up.
Was looking forward to running a couple old/slow bikes in the drags.
Even did up an old helmet, in the shop, for the event.
What a blast! Finally caught up with Greg @BigBoyToys from NY (Long Island Minis). Spoke tomy friend the "seat queen" @manchester1 . Even the Boss himself was in the house!!! Racing was a little sketchy an might need some tweaks, but even the people who crashed seemed to be having fun LOL. Unfortunately someone let Brad in but it didn't ruin our fun!:p:p:p
Great seeing everyone on Saturday! Especially 3 generators of Whitenights and Karen Krause! It was a Blast.
So glad i was able to wear my #FYB face mask at the event!! Passed right by his old fat ass many times wearing my mask proud. #FYB!!!
Looking forward to next year!
Huge Thanks to the Downshifters Auto Club for hosting such an awesome event!!