Drive belt type advice needed

My TAV, a clone Comet 30 series needs a new belt. The belt is a Chinese copy and the marking are a little ambiguous leading to possibly buying the wrong replacement drive belt.
The belt is marked 162 through 165C which I believe is nothing other than a cut reference number, then "For Motor-Cycle Variable Drive" then the number 669 which I think is a good number. The worn belt appears to be 18 mm wide. The Outside Diameter of the belt is 26.75" long. (679.45 m/m) I'm sure it is stretched a little.
Are the 669-18-30 belts correct?
What brands are worth a crap? I have had good luck with Bates and Bando made belts in the past.
kind of riding you do. a good comet or better yet a bando belt
this is a bando belt and has been on for couple years and holding well... and this engine spins easy 6000 rpm's and I ride it hard.

in the past I first had a china belt that came with the kit and that only last a weekend at windber and I did some very hard riding with it.
bando belt I have posted is the one on my thunderbolt that I modified it with a 7inch driven. bike has kind of become a dyno test bike for some of my ohh engines and that belt won't give up. just keeps going and going. beltpalace is kind of limited to sizes. I wish they made them for the 20 series.
good deal...… the big thing is make sure you have the belt adjustment spot on and alignment too and it sounds like you do. it should hold up .
type of riding you do will definitely give it good test out.....:scooter:


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good point delray. I'm using a Jimmy jammed up 6" chi driver with fox driven that looks toasty but working!!! needs new bearings everywhere! rapid rob what bike are you using that belt on?
I took the bike on a 12 mile run and found the new belt works O.K. It is 1/2 " longer than the original belt which requires more throttle to keep the bike moving at a constant speed. It did O.K on climbing steep inclines but seemed to slip a little more than before.
When I got home and yanked the cover to lube the bushing in the TAV, there was only as slight amount of dust on the casting.
The belt is showing no signs of wear at this time.