Lots of people worried I read we have qa vaccine ready to go.

The good folks at Canada's bio weapons and really dangerous bugs lab developed this vaccine.
The Canadian government says they own the pattent on it and it ready to ship to Africa.
Thousands of doses they say ( well thats also a number in limbo as few hundred to ????? )....

But NewLink Genetics claims they bought the right to it from the federal government.

So it sits on ice in Winnipeg.
Figuere that out.

I can't understand why people are sitting on things that could help.
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Because it's still experimental and could backfire?

Dr. Gregory Taylor, Canada's chief public health officer, was asked on Thursday about what the issue was with the delay in getting the Canadian-made vaccine out.

"In terms of the vaccine, it's not a stall as much as this has never happened before. The WHO has never done this before," Taylor said.

"The world has never done this before with an experimental vaccine. If one of the vaccines actually injured someone or hurt someone, it would set everything back.

"You already have people who don’t trust the West coming in, people who are hiding because they believe that the westerners are bringing the virus in," he added. "If you add medications that actually injure someone, that would be extremely difficult."
At one time the Polio vaccine was experimantal too.

Mistakes were made and sadly a very few kids got sick, bit for the vast majority look how much good was done.

The lab in question is a super bug lab, I don't think they would have offered something they did not have faith in.
I know a guy in POland with some great NBC stuff lol.

Actualy I am not kidding.
I can forward email if you are worried.
Personaly I think its WAY to early to pannic but the plant that makes the Tyvec suits is now running 3 shifts to keep up with demand.

I used this suit to scare the lving crap out of Mrs. Nos.
She disposed of it while I was at work because I am not funny at all lol
in atlanta yesterday a local doctor dressed up in a haz mat suit and went to the airport in protest of the governments lack of response , he reported that tsa agents didn't bat a eye - figures they only mess with kids and grandma's .
We just gone through an ebola training course. Identification, bio suit donning and patient transfer to isolation ward. They recon if its coming to south africa it's through one of our ports.
We had 6 stow aways found on a vessel in port 4 weeks ago had everyones butt pucker. Thank goodness they all tested negative.

I still recon we as a race are capable of curing and helping way more than we do, but its all about the money


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what gets me is they claim to have cured the first 4 people brought back to the states but say there is no cure? :confused:

Alluminati= world depopulation?
Nature has a funny way of putting things back into balance.
Overpopulation of the planet?
The planet finds a way to compensate. It seems very yin/yan to me :confused:
what gets me is they claim to have cured the first 4 people brought back to the states but say there is no cure? :confused:

Alluminati= world depopulation?
Should have never brought them back, what a bone head move!.:eek:ut:

And how can you have a patented " cure" when it's not proven? ( pending maybe ? :laugh: )
I read this is how they now suspect aids got to spread around the world.

It was bug in bush meat and spread slowly through a population in Africa.
But the introduction of steam trains and ships allowed it to move around beyond the local population that it was confined it, then the jet age allowed it to move even faster.

One day we woke up to the fact we had a desease and no one knew where it came from.

Its happening again and this time we know its origins and what will happen.
We should be doing more to stop it, not only do we know and understad it, we know better than to let it spread uncontrolled
It's as if the earth were a living being and is throwing its natural defenses at us to get rid of us......or it could just be man made global warming coupled with biological weapons gone out of control.

The treatment is always about the money and I wonder if there are companies that work on a vaccine and then have a small release to maybe help fast track the testing of their new drug.....NAH people NEVER think like that.