Electric start Baja ?

So, y'all now have got me interested in these things - I picked up a somewhat ratty Baja Warrior, yesterday, for a project I now have in mind.
It was pretty cheap, but also pretty neglected, and / or hard used - It is mostly complete, except for the obvious missing light.

It did come with an interesting and unexpected feature though - It has an electric starter !
The seller gave me some BS about it having a 301cc engine, but I don't think so - I'm guessing that because of the starter, though, it IS a replacement engine.
That is, unless someone tells me that some of them came through that way ................

I don't know if the starter was ever used, as there is the most god-awful rats nest of connected and disconnected wiring on the bike - I'm thinking, that no matter what it is, I might just eliminate the starter, simplify things by just using the recoil.
It feels like it has pretty good compression, but I have not tried to start it yet, as the throttle is sticking badly, and it had an opposing spring on the governor - A bad combo.
I will fix this before I even try

Anyway, anyone have an opinion on what I got here ? Other than the obvious one of "A Mess"
Here it is, in all it's bile-green glory : baja.jpg starter.jpg
Those never came with an e-start, so that's not the original engine. If it runs, you might as well keep it in there. The "tank" on the bike is a perfect spot to put a battery for the starter.
Seriously, now -
Electrically speaking, I think what I'd need would be a rectifier/regulator (looks like there's one on the bike), a charge controller, and a battery.
With this I could run lights, AND/OR the e-starter - Is this correct, or am I missing something, again ?
Oops - I'll also need to add a starter solenoid - But it looks like one of those there, too.

Like I said, I'll have to decide if this is worth it - Assuming again that the engine is any good....
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