Engine Shut-off Switch Question: 212 Predator

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Well, I have a little bit of a problem in reference to the stock, little red kill switch on my 212 Predator...

I recently removed the fan shroud, etc, for painting. When I removed the switch from the shroud, I left the black plastic part on the shroud that says, "on / off," but removed the red switch. Removing the switch required the removal of a gem clip from the switch post on the inside of the shroud.

The parts I came away with are the red knob, a spring, a ball bearing and a square c-shaped piece that makes the contact with the wires. Have any of y'all taken one of those apart? I believe I may have lost a spring - one that pushes the contact piece, and one that pushes on the ball bearing to create the detent/switching action.

Any help would be appreciated. I know this is nebulous, but I would imagine anyone familiar with the switch may know.