Engine stand


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I remember I think it was Kustom Kart Kid having this deal on his vehicle at The Hot Dog Hut meet many years ago.
If it wasn't him it was someone there. It shook pretty good, needed a shim or maybe attach a bungie to help dampen, loved the idea.
And, if you buy one of these (or similar) you can attach it under the edge of your work bench and not have to go outside is the weather is miserable as well as using it when you assemble or paint one.

Ultra-Tow 2-Inch Standard Receiver Tube with Collar — 6in. Extension Length | Northern Tool

I always watch out for an old hitch that someone has discarded so I can cut just the center receiver off for this very purpose. I have hitches on everything. Welding table, 4 wheelers, golf carts and trucks.


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I have seen that before on a FB group before I think. Cool idea for sure. Like FOMOGO said, you could mount multiple hitch receivers in various locations. Under the work bench is a great idea.