Engines $50 bucks or less

I have 10 motors that need a home! need a part I'll pull it
need a gas tank? I'll pull it. you pay for the ride..$50 or less some, 3hp some 5hp, one is a oem doddle bug 97cc?
I'm in Rockland county NY 10956 wanna pick it up we can make that happen.
I would hate to see these go to scrap metal but If i gotta I gotta.
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ok so it's a TECH H35 has no oil in it been sitting in my shed for years tank is pretty clean no rust 3/4" shaft
I can put oil in it and try it w/starter fluid carb moves (butterfly and choke) slightly stiff. I'm sure the points need a clean up
but if your going to do a rebuild I'll just leave it alone $45 plus shipping which will be around 25 bucks (approx.) that's if I use e-bay shipping discount
I can meet you in saddle brook when I go to harbor freight
Box it up and check the shipping and I will send pay pal payment. Please pack well. Thank you.
Hi Manchester; It's a sidepopper! I kinda like those. Just sold an H35 to a fellow member. BTW, didn't someone make a polished "bell-like" exhaust for those? Seem to remember seeing that somewhere on the Forum. Anyway, can't wait to see what you do with this one. I get the feeling you're going to blow us all away again. (ha) Have fun.