Evolution r185sms+

Sparkwizard asked for a pic of the saw I bought for my build, so I thought I would throw this in the tool section because after a search I didn't see any other reference to it. I'm not trying to push this, it's what I decided to buy and it works great for me.
This was the only project specific power tool I bought for my build. I have everything else. My frame is made from square and rect. tubing and I knew it was going to involve a boat load of angled cuts based on my design. Since my welding skill is marginal at best, I also knew that I was going to need the best fit up I could get from my cuts. My chop, hand held bandsaw, angle grinder with cut off wheels, or skilsaw wasn't going to cut it for me.
It's a 7 1/4 compound, sliding, single bevel miter saw. 10 amp, 3700 rpm. It is not heavy duty, it limited in the size of the steel you can cut, I believe it 1/4 thickness max., and it supposed to be able to do an 8" crosscut but the widest piece I cut was 3/16 x 6 flat, worked great. Should be able to cut 2 1/2 tall but I believe that is pushing it. The tallest piece I cut was 2". Out of the box I had to adjust the bevel angle stop screw about a 1/2 turn to get it to cut square, has the typical miter slots for the most used angles, 50* max miter angle. If you push the limits of the blade your using and it gets to hot you will start melting the plastic inset piece in the saw base. Don't ask me how I know.
evolution r185 sms+.JPG evolution r185 sms+ a.JPG evolution r185 sms+ b..JPG