Fairbanks Morse Driver Tecumseh HS

Is there a spacer on the crank between the fixed sheave and the shoulder of the crank? How wide is it? My t/c crashes on the belt cover bracket screws and I'm thinking there must have been something stopping it from sliding on that far. I lost some stuff over the last 4 years. Thanks
About 3-16" Thick? I see it @ Black Widow. Just not sure how wide or thick it is. $8.00 shipping,LOL! Well,I cant make one,no shop access these days. Thanks for the info. Skipp
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You can go to tractor supply and in the back where they have the 3/16 inch keys, they sell five-eights and three-quarter inch bushing washers. You can use those. But what you really need to do is align the drive and driven. If they are out of alignment it’ll mess up the belt pretty fast. It may require more than one washer to do this