Favorite movie and other nonsense

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I had a boonie bike that acted like Christine !

It dragged me down the trailer ramp, I landed on the upturned handlebar on one of my butt cheeks, wrenching my hips.

Next time it flipped out from under me going up the side of a ditch.

Then the throttle hung on my son.

Next time it hung on my daughter, and crashed her in to Jeff's new vege garden fence in Windber.

So when that guy came by knocking on the rv door in Windber, and said how much do you need for your boonie bike I knew the end was near. :)

I took those proceeds, added $20 and bought Cadman a new Coleman.

No More Christine !


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One of my favorite scenes from blues Brothers. Belushi is hysterical in the Carrie Fischer tunnel scene. Best shit ever! Car wrecks were epic in the movie as well. Ending car wrecks held a world record for car crashes. It was a shit storm of mayhem and car crashes