Favorite movie and other nonsense


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Okay y'all this isn't a movie, but is a new commercial. Best commercial I've seen lately.

Us old guys can appreciate it !

Check it out.

Damn you!
Made me go down the rabbit hole of Youtube and watch a bunch of other scenes from Saturday Night Fever.
Was just stuck in that same hole earlier in the day with Billy strings Bluegrass concerts.
Day off will do that sometimes :)
Later and Goodnight!
I'll add my 2 cents... I tend to like different movies. If its hard to find on a movie channel rotation Its probably on my list of favorites.

Once Upon a Time in the West is the top of the list for me. Followed by John Ford movies followed by Sam Peckinpah movies. Then the obligatory American Graffiti (saw it 14 times when it was released. Must have been scared that I would never see it again), Roadhouse, Dirty Dancing, Blazing Saddles, Trouble Man, Django and almost any WW2 movie. Then the New Reacher series on Amazon is my current must watch. Season 2 just started last week. 100 times better than the 2 lame movies Cruise did as Reacher.

Once Upon a Time in the West Best Scenes 4K (youtube.com)