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here some pictures of my flat track bike that i built over the winter. been kind of a low key project. alot of testing with this bike and i was fortunate to have a couple places to do my testing. it has put me way behind on other projects, well worth it. alot of one off made parts on my lathe and mill. we got to see little action with it couple weekends ago on a bull ring grass track and i new it would be way to much motor for that and it was. bike did get first place in the small block mod grass drag class at 175ft. bike is really made for are local clay flat tracks that are much bigger. it should be lot better on putting down the power on a big clay track. more controllable. big thing... driver will need more time behind the handle bars.



knobby tires for the grass.
did find a video of it drag racing. funny thing is the bike is just not setup correct for drags. it still won !
Beautiful bike! Looks like it would also work well as a motocross or enduro type of ride. Different skills though.
Beautiful bike! Looks like it would also work well as a motocross or enduro type of ride. Different skills though.
yes it would,just have to change couple things and it would go right around them heavy baja bikes...colemans...etc...that everbody building for gambler racing.
Here's a sneak peek of my 70 rupp drag bike(red&black gas tank) i built for 125ft on clay only. sorry now other pictures of it or build on it either. just no time for all that right now. also it maybe a short lived drag bike and become something else...flattrack bike maybe? will see.... right now the bike would need a full new front end and rear suspension,tires...etc... make it turn left.
When's the next race? (Without rain)
Symco was a bummer.....
yep it was,symco only place they run 125ft clay drags. it makes it little more challenging to setup a bike and make it go.
this weekend we will have a flattrack race on a big oval clay track and then next weekend a litlle smaller clay oval track.
for drags? maybe some grass drags coming up in sept. maybe 3 different places? one for sure that is 300ft. that will be little crazy to do.....:scooter:
So are these races open to the public or just a bunch guys living a dream?
Nice machine work on the fork mods.
yes open to the public. boonie bikes on the flyer are the minibikes. i'm not really part of the boonie bike group and my bike only races at the out door events. they also race indoor racing in the winter with the harleys in milwaukee. i believe couple other places too.

then we have beaver dam cycle club race track in atwater wi. on august 22
awesome track for the minibikes to ride on. this track is fast for it's size and is well prepped. we may just have some of the fastest flattrack minibikes racing right here in wisconsin. not sure who else is racing minbikes at are level in the good old USA.
aztalan race track posted above is like the daytona or talladega track for us. BIG TRACK.

beaver dam cycle club atwater.PNG

grass drags 2020.PNG
found some video to post of are 71 rupp racing at aztalan. track is BIG. end up running 3rd place that night. bike is fast and has more then enough power to win. just that my driver needs to learn how to drive the corners much harder. bike ran out front for the first couple laps. then gets reeled in on the corners.
good video to watch. the guy that ends up winning was a professional driver on real big bikes and you can see it how better he can drive in the corners.
yesterday we drag my flatrack bikes. i had to change couple things over on the bike so they could drag better. i really struggled with making the 70 rupp run right with gearing and affecting the carb on the top end. i just had no time this week to test and tune it correct so i send it as is...so busy at work. still 3rd place for a 196cc greyhound. not bad. the only two bikes it couldn't pass was my 71 225cc tilly motor and my friends built big block clone motor. but otherwise it ate couple built 212cc with shredder heads engines that where dyno over 20hp and a mild built big block.
70 rupp.jpg

same friend that post the circle track race did a small video of me tuning my bike at the grass drags yesterday.
it's lot motor for just a 196cc motor. great engine for small circle tracks,but just not enough pull for 300ft ...lol

grass drags is on my bucket list for next year for sure. guys at the track event want us to come back for the fathers day weekend and the sept weekend . we had a good turn out of minibikes and ton of the bigger bikes and quads.

grass track setup with christmas lights and all....nice.
300ft drags.jpg

just couple harleys in the parking lot...lol
alot of the biker club's show up for this event.
went on a small road trip over the weekend to the world championship flattrack racing in dubuque iowa. friend of mine his son wanted to race the boonie class(minibikes) and the bike they wanted to use just needed to much work to get it done in time. so i told him his son(14) could ride one of my bikes. first night racing was on Friday and by the end of the night the kid was starting to learn to drive this bike real good. Friday was a very long day for me. drove back home 1 1/2 hours one way. unloaded the bike and change front tube that was slowing leaking air and then decided to also change the gearing. at this point i felt the kid was ready for more power and could handle it very easy. i stepped it up so it would pull 6800+ and still kept it back some. bike could easy pull up to 7200+.
off to my lathe to do little machining on my B sprocket and back on the bike and change the oil too and then in bed by 2am and back up at the crack of dawn.
by Saturday night the kid was really getting better and i could tell by his driving and the tach. every heat race the rpm's on my memory tach was going up and by the main event the bike was pulling 6830.
end up getting 3rd place in the world championship flattrack boonie class and the two other drivers(1&2) where veteran drivers and one of them also rides the big bikes. hard to beat them..
great job addison. picture with his older brother and dad.
addison turn.PNG