Fox Sprite Parts

Not sure if I'm to high or to low. Please let me know.
stock steel wheels (front & rear) 40.00
rear fender (bent but fixable) 20.00
front hub 15.00
rear hub and sprocket (welded to hub) 30.00
prices do not include shipping
Do you have pics of the rear hubs/rims and sprocket?

I'm wondering if they are the same wheels that would fit my Fox Doodlebug? And what is the tooth count on the sprocket?
Double Indian Head 4.10 x 3.5x6

Carlisle Double Indian Head 4.10 x 3.5 x 6

I'm selling some tires.
I'll take $20.00 for the one without the rim.
$40.00 for the one that's shown on the rim. (but that's not including the rim)
I'm not a collector and I'd hate to see these get burned up when someone might want them.
Buyer pays for shipping.