1. O

    Now available New Reproduction Bird Sears JC Penney Scrub brake pad Free shipping

    New US made casting of the long discontinued aluminum scrub brake pad for Bird manufactured minibikes, including certain Sears Roper and JC Penney branded models. A very limited number of these pads were produced and thus a limited number is available. Pad is 5" tall and 3" wide. NOT home...
  2. chrismh

    WTB Fox Sprite rear fender

    I am looking for a rear fender for a 1966 Fox Sprite. Also looking for a ID Tag for a Rupp Dart Cycle. Thanks!
  3. RustyRedneck

    Fox Sprite brake woes

    As some of you may know, I'm working on my Fox Sprite mini bike for the 2017 OldMiniBikes Build off. Anyway, I've run into a little snag. The rear brake pads have separated from the shoes due to rust. I'm curious if you guys know where I cold get new ones or how I can reattach the old ones. Thanks!
  4. RustyRedneck

    RustyRedneck's - Fox Sprite - (Vintage Open)

    Hey fellas. Here's my entry into the 2017 OldMiniBikes Build Off. It's my '60 or '70s Fox Sprite. I'm not sure what I'll be doing for engine but It definitely will not be factory to the bike so I'm entering the Vintage Open class. Here's he kicker for me. I'm going to try to get it done by working...
  5. james ackerman

    Fox trailbug caliper and foot pegs.

    Looking for a fox trailbug caliper and hardware also original front wheel and rear wheel hub and sprocket and foot pegs. I have a turbine wheel that could be part of trade.
  6. B

    Wtb Fox Sprite rear fender

    Looking for a rear fender for my fox Sprite. Thanks.
  7. oldsledz

    Fox Sprite

    Fox sprite has not been used for a few years will need some carb work to run, but ran good when it was put away. 225.00 Pick up near Midland Michigan
  8. Hank69

    WTB 10", 24 spoke rim for FOX Sprite

    Hey I'm looking for 2 good used or new rims for 10" tires, I would be interested in steels if the price is right but would prefer 24 spoke set. Aaron
  9. P

    Bird Sprite???

    I I received this for Christmas in 1980. restored 5 years ago. Not 100% positive what is it. Can someone help identify? Thank you. Paul
  10. P

    Bird Sprite???

    Good evening ladies and Gentlemen, I received this as a Christmas present in 1980. Resorted 5 years ago. Not 100% positive what this is. Can some one shed some light? Thank you.
  11. apekillman

    quick question about fox sprite

    I searched for a bit and couldn't find anything. I think I did see on here before, but...... what size chain came stock on a fox sprite? I thought I read it was a 41. any truth to this? thank you
  12. SimpleTom

    Bird Sprite frame is worth a lot???

    79cc Mini Bike with Predator Engine Minibike 79 CC Indian | eBay The frame alone is worth a lot. It may be indian He must be getting a lot of emails telling him that it is not an Indian frame. Me "That is not an Indian. That is a Bird Sprite mini bike. Very, very common bike. The frame...
  13. Not so mini bike

    Bird sprite

    All original bird sprite. $350 local pick up
  14. buckeye

    Fox Sprite Roller

    Thinning out for something new. Fox Sprite roller. Photo shows with engine but, that is coming off. Has a junky Buck paint job.:laugh: If you purchase, I am sure you will want to repaint. Has chain rash onn rear frame. Nice little Fox. 250.00 plus 40 bucks shipping. PM only. Thanks.
  15. 1967 Tempest

    Fox Sprite

    So my nephew say myself and my other nephew riding and having fun. He rode my nephews Fox Sprite, and was like.. I want THIS bike. So I need a fox sprite frame. With wheels preferred. I can come and get it within 100 miles. :scooter: Thanks in advance, Dave
  16. pomfish

    Fox Sprite for sale

    I do believe this to be a Fox Sprite. If it is not, please LMK what it is. Anyway, it has a Brand New Predator engine, all stock with a Brand new Clutch and Chain. Goes good, I made custom foot pegs to clear the wider engine. I made them fixed in position, this way you do not need a...
  17. capguncowboy

    Fox Sprite Frame + extras

    I've got a Fox Sprite frame for sale. It has been sanded and is ready for paint. The welds are clean, no breaks or dents. Straight frame. Only damage is to the inside of back of frame where chain has nicked it but nothing serious. Front forks are trash, and that's where they're going. I'll...
  18. Spyderdregg

    Stretched Bird Sprite

    Cleaning out the garage and I figured I wasnt going to ever do anything with this so here we have a Bird Sprite(or Penny's Big Blue,could never figure that out)Frame.Stretched 7 in.Fork tube is gone and may need the welds gone over(my first attempt at welding so they're not too pretty)Also...
  19. mardyn

    Fox Sprite project...

    My Fox project had a little action today as I worked on it for the first time in a year or so. Still have few odds and end to tie up, mainly hooking up the throttle cable and adding fuel/oil to get her going. It should be a fun bike once I get the details finished up... mardyn 04/08/2014
  20. M

    Fox Sprite Project

    Here are some pics of the parts after paint. I wish I would have thought about before pics. Below are pics of the split rims and rear sprocket after paint. Also the frame and fenders after primer, paint, and clear coat.