1. T

    Minimizer, scooter nuke, xcooter, minibike x-power

    Just got this cool minibike. It was hard to find much info and impossible to find parts. It looks like it’s called scooter_nuke, minimizer, mini bike x-power, or xcooter. I am hoping someone has a lead on the missing jack shaft. It’s kind of a weird one but I am an amateur. I could just modify...
  2. C

    SnowCo Farm Scat

    I picked this up for $100, seem to be mostly original and runs great. someone painted the bed white but it is green underneath. I know they are rare but I want to know more about it or where to get parts.
  3. Tote-gote

    Tote gote model 404

    I have this tote gote model 404 serial number 1526 that I am struggling to find parts for. If anyone can send me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. K

    Dynamark Fox thunderbolt 1973

    Looking for parts and information.
  5. 20190407_122737.jpg


    Perfect fit of lasercut parts
  6. 20190309_144246.jpg


    Front- & rearaxle hub parts
  7. 20190308_171146.jpg


    Front- & rearaxle parts
  8. trail horse

    trail horse

  9. trail horse

    trail horse

  10. trail horse

    trail horse

  11. trail horse

    trail horse

  12. trail horse

    trail horse

  13. Chrome_Forks_1


    Chromed Front Forks for Baja Warrior
  14. Rupp TC parts

    Rupp TC parts

    Rupp TC parts
  15. M

    Front Springs,and upper and lower plugs, '67 Continental

    Is there anybody out there that has some front shock springs, upper and lower plugs for a '67 Rupp Continental? I have exhausted all of the parts outlets I know of and found the lower plug only. (Blackwidow Motorsports) No swap meets at all in my area. I thought OldMiniBikes would have a parts swap...
  16. ArcticMinibike

    Harbor Freight 6.5 Gallon Bench Top Parts Washer - Reviews?

    Anyone have any experience with the small 6.5 gallon bench top parts washer from Harbor Freight? It looks a bit flimsy but I only need it occasionally and don't have space or $ for a large unit. Pump reliability would be the only real concern I have. My alternative is the slightly smaller one...
  17. P

    newbie; all help is appreciated!

    hello all! i'm new to the boards, clearly, so please forgive any faux pas as i make my way around... i'll do my best. recently picked up a manco fatkat, a bit of a basketcase, and i'm interested in finding a few parts, and possibly a few interesting mods if they arise.... i'm not overly...
  18. kawasaki coyote wheel parts

    kawasaki coyote wheel parts

    Kawasaki coyote wheel parts
  19. kawasaki coyote wheel parts

    kawasaki coyote wheel parts

    Kawasaki coyote wheel parts
  20. kawasaki coyote wheel parts

    kawasaki coyote wheel parts

    Kawasaki coyote wheel parts