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Well I got the chassis and front forks finally painted. I had some left of paint from when I re-shot my black Lexus SC430. Tonight I am spraying the silver metallic to the foot pegs, fender mount, headlight, and outer rims halves. Next will be the bright green metallic for the fenders, tank, and wheel centers.
FINALLY got the replacement sprocket. Now just the normal challenges of reassembly. The brake housing was right at 60" but the cable length was too short so off to buy a new cable. The petcock is just hitting the engine so I need to think of a solution for that. The spark plug is up tight against the frame rail so I need a shorty plug. The air cleaner was too tall so I modified that last night.

Last one is the exhaust...and would like some opinions. Its up pretty tight against the seat bottom...maybe 3/4" of clearance. I had some scrap aluminum sheeting and made a little heat shield. Think it will be enough? I have some some material that is used to wrap spark plug boots that I might add between the aluminum and the bottom of the seat. Thoughts?

Almost1.jpg almost2.jpg
It seemed to work when I was trying to get the "free and good running" motor I was given to run right so I will likely leave it with the shield and the piece of insulating fabric. Got a new motor that I actually heard run so now I just need to clean it off and get it installed. This weekend hopefully.
Well this little booger has been challenging at best!

The "new" chinese carb was junk so I had to chase that for a few days.

The new Hilliard Extreme clutch I bought had the wrong springs it is so it wouldn't engage properly so I had to get that sorted.

And then the new seat who I had done by my seat guy was apparently built with something like memory foam so it compressed from about 4" thick to about 1/2" thick when I sat on it. I called my guy and he said the woman who made it thought it was an armrest apparently.

If something could have gone wrong on this build it did but the end is in sight.