Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

Inspired by some of the recent postings, thought it would be fun to round up all these types of rides into one thread for future reference.
As with all R&D the results can be somewhat mixed...perhaps they were good ideas....maybe some not so good...and then there are those that should have never left the drawing board....I won't be passing's always interesting to see how other people's minds work. :rolleyes:
So give me your tired, your poor...your wack jobs, Rube Goldbergs and other "Kustom" machines...

(Minis and related only please)
Here's a vintage classic to get the ball rolling:

Here's mine, I like it but Grant says it makes him laugh when he sees it. I'm gonna call it the rat bastard and am still gathering crap from whatever I can get to complete it. Was an Arco standard 5" wheel but was rusted in two, patched it up and added the frame section with forks. Here are some different looks it's had and the last one is the near final look:

this thing is old school cool..check out that home made springer setup and backwards handlebars...Westbend... ?
Haha ....lotsa cool pics posted!!!! I love looking at this stuff.
I think the little red/orange sled might be a factory built machine...and that first pic by Edwin is just that yours???
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im really liking the ones with the rear tracks. especially that little red one with skis. slick setup! wonder what the track came out of?
Those were both factory produced bikes. The red one is called a SKEE WEE? and the gold one is a TRACKCYCLE. I have a buddy who has one, it's a lot bigger than you would think.