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Hello mini bike friends.
From true fact its very much worth it to spend 74.00 bucks for the Hillard clutch at your Tractor Supply stores.
yesterday me and son grabbed 2 of them and installed on our bikes very good quality perfect smooth mid throttle engage.
put the 25 buck clutch in junk pile and grab the hillard.
and on the Coleman , last pic copy our lower 3 circle vent design. .helps that clutch keep its cool Ha Ha...



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In the description it says "is ideal for the everyday demands of childrens yard-use go-karts". A lot of unnecessary heat is generated by the user. I noticed this when my then 17 year old son and his friend were yard riding. They seemed to baby the throttle from a standing start. And when they stopped they were blipping the throttle while they were talking. Both of these do nothing but generate heat very quickly. Like any clutch you want full engagement as quickly as possible to keep slippage and heat at a minimum. Once fully engaged no heat is generated.

If you open the clutch and look at the drum you will see the slip area. But the rest of the drum will (should) look good because once fully engaged there is no slippage. If the whole contact area of the drum looks like the slip area then you know the clutch has been slipping and should be replaced.