this is a nice frijole series 1 frame i got on evillbay a few months ago...from a guy in calif.rumor has it that it could be a copy(see my other posts)but i find most steens/taco mini bikes to be under some sort of scrutiny anyway...
i have put up lots of photos,you decide rather you like it or is in excellent condition,the purple is powder coat (bummer)and has some scuffs from being moved around but not bad.the motor plate i believe is set up for a 2cycle with an outboard clutch,i put a 3hp briggs on it and it looked like it would work with the clutch sprocket inboard with out adding a jack shaft.if you are looking for one of these and don't insist on having a certificate of originality this may be the one for you....asking $285.00+shipping my zip code is 20601 weight is about 30 lbs please do your own shipping research.
remember certified real copys of these are $375.00 in bare metal+$75.00 to ship.

i also have a set of very nice bonanza 6" go power wheels and 60 tooth sprocket you may like to go with this..let me know i will post so pic's
regards joe
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I stopped building it because i believe the motor plate will have to be moved or a jack shaft installed to do what i want, and i just don't feel like going through the trouble to do it...
i've noticed alot of you guys are welders and fabricators and do alot of your own work....
i have to throw it in the back of my truck and ride around begging for mercy...
I would rather have a lil'indian anyway