Fuel preservative choices

THANK YOU! I had never seen that site before.

It lists a Quick Trip about 3 miles from my house as having No Ethanol fuel. Ironically that is the very station where I buy all my fuel. I have been buying there since they opened 8 or 9 or 10 years ago. It's a truck stop and there is a lot of Diesel turnover, so I always feel like you get clean fuel there. In all these years I have never seen No Ethanol fuel advertised. I will check it out.


Sea Foam is actually a fuel stabilizer also. I always add a cup of Sea Foam to my 5 gallon can any time I put gas in it.
4 tractors, riding mower, 5 mini bikes and who knows how many projects. I never have stale fuel problems.
Some of the tractors sit for a couple of years at a time.


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that sea foam works on every motor you own, from trucks to small engines it will save you a lot of cash on maintenance down the road and your motors will run good, it's got me a few inspection stickers when the check engine light was on, throw the stabil out and use sea foam.


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In my opinion this subject is for those who intend to store certain quantities of fuel for extended periods of time. For what I do it's about inventory control. I don't have the need to store gasoline for extended periods of time. The fuel I buy for small engine stuff gets used inside of about 8 months maximum. In my case there's no evidence that 8 months is too long.

Years ago I bought some sta-bil marine that could treat 80 gallons. I use it when I remember to. Has anyone tested the shelf life on these products? I may be contaminating good fuel with a stale additive? haha.

A couple weeks ago I bought some no ethanol just to try it and because I needed fuel anyway. There was a recent thread here that touched my interest.


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That stabil I believe has a 6 month shelf life of 6 months once opened, the sea foam works for 2 years and is the best product to run through anything that has set for years without running, it saves from pulling the carbs on the motorcycles I pick up, I have a bike in the garage that I just picked up that was sitting since 2012 I ran a half gallon of gas through it with sea foam and it just idles now like it did 45 years ago, I'm no mechanic and this stuff has bailed me out of a few issues and saved me a lot of cash, an old mechanic turned me on to it years ago when I had issues with an inspection on my pick up, works for me anyway...
Rec 90 and Seafoam for years and years.
We add the recommended amount of Seafoam to the oil as well. Then run it up to operating temperature before the oil change.
There has been discussion on Seafoam’s effect on carburetor diaphragm parts. We haven’t seen any loss of working hours on any carb parts. Only the once-in-a-while specks of dirt. Virtually every carb we have had to service, the internals look like new.
All of our parade bikes sat during Covid. They ran a bit doggy on the old fuel, once a few parades resumed, but gradually perked-up as the new Rec 90 was added.