Gearing question.

I apologize, I read your reply wrong. I do agree with what you said. Gene.
Accepted but not needed, it's just a discussion. I critiqued your terminology and that's on me, it's a habit; sometimes it's needed but sometimes it isn't; in this case, it probably wasn't needed.

According to the formula, using the tire sizes you mentioned, a 15" OD tire with a 9:1 ratio would equate to a 10" OD tire with a 6:1 ratio; a 50% higher ratio for a 50% increase in tire OD.

15/10=1.5 1.5x6=9 Reversed: 10/15=0.6666666666666667 0.6666666666666667x9=6
I'd rather more low end I think as I plan to use it in the trails ,Which is why I wanted the bigger wheels. The back yard is 8 acres that we cruise around in but lots of trees so mostly trails we made so far so you can't go that fast anyway. Altho we try, It is a mini bike after all so how fast should it be. ;)