Getting ready for a TT500 restoration!

I am about to switch gears from Speedway back to my first minibike love... Rupp's. I picked up this 1968 TT500 that I am going to begin a restoration on. It is a pretty original bike that has a title. image.png image.png
It is a lot rougher in person. I was going back and forth on restoring the bike. I am going to use 100% of the original parts, including all of the bolts and wiring. I think the only parts I am putting new on the bike is a set of NOS tires, grips and foot pegs.

Rupp 72

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Sweet bike! Going with a restoration is a good call, the bikes just look so good when done! I just finished one up, check it out in the OldMiniBikes build off section. If you need any help or have questions feel free to ask me. I'll definitely be fallowing this build:thumbsup:
My buddy works at PPG Headquarters, he is matching the original gold metallic. I am excited to see the frame when it's done getting painted. I love the 1968 Rupp Gold!