1. Biodude

    WTB: 1968 Rupp TT500 Primary and/or Secondary(Jackshaft) Clutches

    Looking for original clutches for a restoration that I want to complete. Let me know what you have! Thanks in advance!
  2. Biodude

    Another Rupp TT500 for sale on Ebay!

    Looks like a nice one out of New York. The red is eye catching. Not 100% correct, but it definitely would be a great rider. vintage 1968 tt-500 rupp minibike | eBay
  3. John G.

    Rupp caliper TT500

    Rupp caliper brake, good shape operates well and pads are in great shape. Bolt on and go. $55 shipped. Paypal as friend or add the 3%
  4. topnotch

    "The find of a lifetime".Not(1)but(2)1968 Rupp TT500 One owner True survivors!!!!!!

    Here are my one owners(Husband and Wife).(2) 1968 Rupp TT500 True survivors!!!! I found these bikes a few months ago, and I just squeezed in a little time here and there to give them a good cleaning in between the rest of my builds. Both bikes run strong and they ride like Cadillac's, both Rupps...
  5. P

    TT500 question

    On a TT500, if you have a foot brake for the rear, what side should the front brake lever go on the handlebar? Normally the front brake would be on the right side (throttle side), but since the original brake lever for a TT500 had an embosment for the mirror, which you would want on the left...
  6. P

    Rupp TT500

    I have a 1968 Rupp TT500 that I am thinking about selling. It was a very clean original bike with no rust before I started restoring it. All of the chrome is original and replanted to perfect show quality. All of the bolts have been re-cad plated and are in perfect condition. The sprocket and...
  7. J

    Re-plating Rupp TT500 clutch drum

    I have an NOS clutch drum, but it had some rust, and I gave it a bath in evaporust, and its just not pretty, and I would like to get re-plated. Any suggestions?:confused:
  8. J

    rupp tt500 secondary clutch drum 13002

    I am looking for Rupp tt500 secondary clutch drum part number 13002 for the jackshaft clutch.
  9. J

    68 Rupp TT500 frame numbers

    Does anyone have any info on frame numbers in relation to engine numbers? I know the 68 TT500 used the Tecumseh H50 65151H. But what about frame numbers in relation to engine production dates?:confused:
  10. slywilliez

    Rupp fiberglass chain guard tt500

    Rupp fiberglass chain guard tt500 or roadster 50 plus shipping.
  11. J

    68 tt500 axle nut

    I'm looking for a correct axle nut, in good shape for my tt500.
  12. J

    68 Rupp TT500 spark plug boot or open

    Anyone know if the 68 Rupp TT500 spark plug had a plug boot or not from the factory? I remember my fathers lawnmower from 67 or 68 with a Tecumseh and the plug had no boot. If you look up Tecumseh 65151h diagram, Rupp engine, it doesnt show a boot. Any input or comments are appreciated.
  13. J

    1968 Rupp TT500 headlight

    I'm looking for a 68 rupp headlight, with nice chrome and original numbers for my TT500.
  14. Jamie1972

    TT500 on EBay

    Nice bike on eBay.
  15. R

    1969 TT500 Tires

    Hi all. New here (yes, I posted in the "I'm new here" thread) and looking for info on tires for a TT500 that my son and I are restoring. I believe they were "trials" tires, and am trying to figure a suitable replacement. I have to believe there is something out there other than the $70/piece...
  16. R

    New here form MN. TT500 resto

    Hi all. Hi all. Had a '69 TT500 back in 1982 when I lived in NJ. It went into storage under a pool cabana and was forgotten. The property is still owned by family, but I was told the bike had long since been disposed of. On a vacation out there last year, I looked under the cabana and lo and...
  17. M

    1968 Rupp TT500 Resto Mod

    Hi folks new here but not new to tinkering. Have really enjoyed looking at what everyone is doing and I'm fully aware what i will be doing is considered a crime by many. I picked this up to restore but quickly found out it far too expensive to properly restore, so its going to be a resto-mod...
  18. capguncowboy

    1968 Rupp TT500 nearly complete

    I have for sale a 1968 Rupp TT500. It's missing the two speed set up and the clutch guard. Everything else is there, including the funky little chain tensioner. The engine isn't running, but it has spark and compression. I didn't attempt to start it. I don't want to fool with it to get it...
  19. P

    Getting ready for a TT500 restoration!

    I am about to switch gears from Speedway back to my first minibike love... Rupp's. I picked up this 1968 TT500 that I am going to begin a restoration on. It is a pretty original bike that has a title.
  20. capguncowboy

    Rupp TT500

    So, it's missing the clutch guard (:censored:), clutch and two speed, but the rest is all there. The tank polished up nicely. Right now, it's in the back of my brother's truck on its way to his house, where it will sit until I pick it up this weekend. I spent about an hour on the phone with...