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My nephews are coming to visit in a few weeks, so this kart is bumped up to the top of the list. If anyone has ideas what it is I would be glad to have an idea where to try to order parts from. What is also wierd to me is lack of gas and brake pedal mounts.
I know the right spindle is junk and will weld it if I can't find a replacement for it.
First plan is buy the parts it needs then make the rest work. I have a Honda 3.5 hp for this little kart.
Thanks for the help guys. 20210717_085002.jpg 20210717_085007.jpg 20210717_085013.jpg 20210717_085019.jpg


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No clue on the frame,, but it looks like somebody grafted a cable disc brake set up off DB, or Monster moto parts ect.
Also looks like the brake & throttle were hand controlled some how ...

On the King pin/spindle,, I would just get a quote from a reputable welding shop.
Thanks for the replies. Since it is nothing special I will have no problems with modifying it to work for my nephew. I am going to put foot controls on for gas and brakes.
I will start a thread in go-karts when I start working on it.